Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Am a Renegade

With the pretentious assumption that I have something worth saying, I have started a separate site just for discussing life with MS.

There are many blogs, websites and forums out there that deal with Multiple Sclerosis. I have found most of them, while earnest and well intentioned, are not for me. Forums where people sign their names with illustrations of bunnies and rainbows are not for me. Blogs where people say delusional things like “I have MS but it doesn’t have me” are not for me. Websites that extol individuals who do things like climb Mt. Everest despite having MS are not for me. Because that is not the experience of MS that most of us have. Web sites that call a spade a spade are for me. So that is what mine will be.

I hope you will stop by and even more I hope you will contribute. I always welcome comments. I will also welcome guest posters; e-mail me with your thoughts or ideas for a post. And I have a separate page for our dedicated, often underappreciated, caregivers, where they can describe their journey along this rough road.

Having MS absolutely sucks. Sure, your attitude towards life is a choice. But I cannot pretend that Multiple Sclerosis has not stolen my career, my independence and my future. I hate it with every fiber of my being and I will not go quietly. That is why I am writing MS Renegade.

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Pricilla said...

You go girl. Be a renegade.

Nora wanted to know if you two connected...

Dirty Butter said...

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. The dx was later changed to Essential Myoclonus, which is not so progressive, so I'm fortunate. But I, too, have kept a blog of all my feelings, problems, etc., living with a Movement Disorder. I applaud your efforts to tell it like it is, as that has always been far more helpful to me personally.

Herrad said...

Hi Marie
Please visit my blog and pick up your You Inspire Me Award.

Marie said...

Thanks Pricilla! (I will be touching base with Nora today)

DB: Thank goodness it is not Parkinson's, although Essential Myoclonus is bad enough! Thanks for the encouragement! Thanks for your thoughtful comments. :)

Herrad: It is good to see you!! I will stop over. :)

The Mother said...

I bet you will be an inspiration to many, many folks with MS. Good luck!

Myrna R. said...

Sounds like a great blog. Live your truth.

Katherine said...

LOVE IT. I understand. I don't have MS but I have gastroparesis, so I live with something that has completely changed my life. Write what you know. Write what you live!