Friday, September 3, 2010

September Give Away

September is National Sewing Month, created to honor and recognize the importance of home sewing.

I love to sew. I was lucky enough to have two aunts who taught me how. My Aunt Joan did it as a hobby, but the other, my beloved Aunt Dottie, was a brilliant seamstress and designer. My cousins were in ballet recitals every year and Aunt Dottie made all their costumes, gowns really. I was enthralled by her basement workplace, where dozens of dresses in gorgeous, lush fabrics hung enticingly. My Aunt Joan taught me how to quilt but Aunt Dottie taught me how to piece a pattern together and what the difference was between sloppy, basting type stitches and even, precise stitches that were the only ones acceptable. Spending weeks with her in the summers, I made Barbie clothes stitched by hand with the fabric scraps left from my cousin's costumes. That time, those lessons, were a lasting gift.

Today when I make something, I am always thrilled by the process of putting together bits of fabric like a puzzle and having a finished product emerge. Home Ec is so scorned in school, but I think everyone should learn at least the rudiments of sewing. It is a skill that will always serve you well.

In honor of National Sewing Month, I am giving away a little needle case I made from felt in the shape of a thatched Irish cottage. Tiny french knots represent flowers alongside the front path and a minuscule glass bead stands in as a door knob. Inside are two pages to hold needles. Whether you are a regular sewer or never sew anything more than a button, this is a sweet little case to store your needles in.

Everyone who leaves a comment in the month of September will be entered. I will chose one name on September 30 as the winner.

So, leave a comment, good luck and thanks for reading!

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brookeamanda said...

My mom made most of my clothes when I was little (and they were very cute-not the weird type of dresses you see on homeschooled kids), but she unfortunatley did not pass any of her skills onto me.

Muffie said...

My mother, too, was a accomplished sewer. I could design my clothes, and she was able to create them. I learned how to sew, but preferred hand stitching and needlecrafts to the sewing machine. Now my MS has stolen that talent and I just longingly gaze at my former creations. No need to enter my name in your drawing -- the cottage is adorable, like the ones I saw in Ireland -- I can no longer make good use of it. Love your blog, btw!

Jstlookn333 said...

Yes, sewing has become a lost art. Such a shame as home sewing is emotionally rewarding and such a budget saver.

My eyesight won't let me sew on the machine any more but I still love to sketch designs and I admire the handwork you do, Marie. Finding just the right material, the perfect color and creating something that makes a statement is such a talent. You've got the eye, sweet thing.

Marie said...

Brooke: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I made most of my daughters' dresses when they were little too. They always looked so cute!

It's never too late to learn how to sew. :)

Muffie: I am so sorry that MS has affected you that way. What a loss. As I am fond of saying, MS, the gift that keeps on taking. I don't know what I will do when I can no longer sew or embroider or knit. Just keep going I guess, just like everyone else. :( Thank you for your comment. I am sending good thoughts and virtual hugs your way.

Jstlookn: Hi, hi, hi!!!! Thanks for your comment and your ceaseless kind, encouraging words. xoxo