Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer is Ending

Time for a layout change.

Fall, my favorite season, is almost here.

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Jen said...

I love fall. I thought it might because the temperature is usually perfect, the leaves always look so pretty and the smell in the air but I have realized I love fall because it means the kids go back to school.

Marie said...


I was one of those sappy mothers who loved having my kids home, so I never looked forward to school starting.

It is the weather I love and the fact that my BIRTHDAY is this month too!!! :)

Snowy said...

Oops havent been here for quite a while, busy preparing for exams... Anyway, I LOVE your new layout! The summer one was sunny and happy, but this one gives the reader a very soothing feel :) Heehee perhaps added incentive for me to visit this place more :P

Hmm seems like september is a really special month! Both my mum and sister are born in September too :) :)