Friday, September 17, 2010

Stormy Weather

Wonderful Support

I have to say I am so touched by the response to my previous post about being crucified lambasted mildly criticized on a blogging forum. I am the first one to admit I am a card carrying histrionic over-reactor. So sue me. I maintain hyperbole is one of life’s great pleasures and keeps things interesting.


At any rate, I may have over-reacted a teeny, tiny bit, but I still stand by Operation Nice, because nice is a good thing to be. You can see that in all the lovely comments left all the nice people I am surrounded by.

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The Cat

I have always loved animals and was not allowed to have a pet as a child, which made them all the more attractive. Since I have had my own household, cats have been a constant. Dogs frequent, but cats constant. I truly love cats and I could be a crazy cat lady in a heartbeat, although my daughter maintains I already am a crazy cat lady. Harrumph. I could easily have 20 cats if I didn’t control myself and limit it to my current two. The ASPCA had a sign outside this week that said “KITTENS” and I almost crashed the car.

It is a well established fact, I am a cat person.

So I am humbled to say…almost whisper…one of my cats is DRIVING ME OUT OF MY COTTON PICKING MIND!!!

Technically, she is not mine, but my oldest son’s. He and a previous girlfriend adopted her and the girlfriend thought it would be funny to call her Perri, ‘little dog’ in Spanish. Hardy har har. Or maybe it was his idea and he said it was her's so I wouldn’t think he was an idiot. Whatever. Girlfriend goes, cat stays, new girlfriend (subsequently wife) comes, cat goes. It happened more subtly than that, of course, with plaintive comments about his life as a busy lawyer, cat is lonely, no fair to the cat, poor cat, sad cat, cat feels abandoned, cat needs therapy…ok, ok, I’ll take the freaking cat!

My daughter picked her up in Jersey City on her way home from Manhattan College at the end of the school year five years ago. The fact that Perri literally caterwauled all the way home to the Jersey Shore was our first clue that this tiny little tuxedo was more than she seemed.

Much more. More everything. More jumping on things. More knocking things over. More breaking things. More puking from eating too fast. More meowing (a piercing, ear splitting meow) to go out, which I do not allow. More always trying to get out. More clawing at the screens. More unfriendly. More all over teeth-clenching aggravation than any cat I have ever had. Although she is very pretty and silky. End of redeeming qualities.

Through a quirk of coloring, she always looks as though she has a frowny face.

And coincidentally, she is a total pill. Does not cuddle, does not like to be petted, but loves getting in the way.

I have not slept through the night, or lying down, since I broke my shoulder two years ago. I doze for an hour or two, then I am awake for another few hours, then doze again. Last night, for the first time in I don’t know how long, I was still sleeping at 2:30 a.m. When I was woken up by a cat screaming. A cat outside in the storm. A cat that sounded suspiciously like…my cat.

I stumbled to the back door, barely made it down the steps, opened the door and there was nothing there. Hmmm. I must have been dreaming. Up the stairs, back into bed, pull up the covers and cat screaming starts again. F****k.

Stagger back through the house, down the stairs, pull open the door expecting a little cat to slide in at my feet and I find myself nose to nose with this:

I screamed! She screamed! Thunder and lightning crashed!

Then she dropped to the ground and sauntered in as though to say “What the freak took you so long?” She proceeded to jump up on the kitchen counter and knock over a plant. I never got back to sleep for the night.

Oh, and here is my screen today:

I am starting to intensely somewhat dislike her. Don't let her know!!

I think she is watching me.

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Jane Turley said...

Sounds so very much like my cat Miss Tigga who died last year after giving me 18 years of sheer hell and interrupted nights. She was worse than my kids! (And that's saying something I can tell you.) I liked to offer a remedy bu havingt failed for 18 years myself I can offer nothing but... a 12 bore shotgun??

'Course, I've got Mr Bondie now who is well cool:) He even drives an Aston Martin....Okay it's a matchbox car with a fluffy tail attached..but hey I can dream can't I......:)

Marie said...

I think Perri is immortal Jane. :(

My other guy is sweet, but certainly no Mr. Bondie, that's for sure. We call him The Pussie. Perri, who is half his size, regularly kicks his ass.

Dirty Butter said...

We have one demon cat, so I can sympathize. She is a very long hair beauty who was put out at our house in a terrible storm when she was way too young. We took pity on her, and we decided for the first time in our lives to have an inside cat.

She can be very loving, but she never socialized properly, since she was taken away from the litter too young. She does not know how to play without drawing blood. And she's temperamental. At least she does sleep at night. (We lock her in a spare bathroom, because I sleep in a recliner in the living room. She was keeping me awake, too.)I'm sorry yours doesn't let you sleep.

We have two outside brother and sister cats who come in at night and sleep in a cat cage. They don't mind it at all. Now, THEY know how to love and play and not draw blood!

Jane Turley said...

Hmm... "Pussie". Pretty original choice there Marie:) Still, who am I am to say- we used to have a budgerigar called "Budgie".

No cat is immortal Marie! But Perri sounds pretty clever - I hope she can't read - otherwise watch out when you're in the shower she may sneak up on you....

(Music to Psycho plays in background.......)

Marie said...

DB: You sleep sitting up too?! Isn't it a joy? (that is sarcasm) Demon cats. Gotta love 'em. Gotta wonder what is wrong with us that we live with them! lol

Jane: His real name is Spickles. Mary Kate couldn't decide whether to call him Sparky or Pickles so she combined them, thus scarring him for life. I maintain his actual name is Edwin. But he hasn't said.

Because he is such a wimp, we call him The Pussie in the most vulgar, pejorative sense of the word. lol We also call him No Balls. Which is an actual fact. lol

Pricilla said...

She was someone you wronged in a past life. that's how it is with cats. They find you....

Marie said...

Oh she found me alright. She had to go through one of my children to do it, but she found me. lol

Myrna R. said...

I had a demon cat once. She was a beatiful siamese. But she hated me, and gradually the feeling became mutual.

I only have dogs now.

Marie said...

I love my little dog Myrna! She is the sweetest, most unconditionally loving pet I have ever had!

Anji said...

We had a wicked white tom cat, so pretty, but evil. We cried when he died just the same.

Are you sure that Perri can't read your blog?

Marie said...

Anji, I am not one bit sure Perri can't read my blog. I may have to go into the witness protection program. :(

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment though, before I go underground. lol

Anonymous said...

I guess you've given up on the Treehouse? Happy Birthday tomorrow anyhow.

Marie said...

Not if the Treehouse hasn't given up on me.

I will be by.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

you gave me a needed laugh today since i'm at work and the skies are gray and pouring down rain.
I'm a cat lady too. One sweet girl, and one crazy one...who takes a piece of clothing or a blanket from the couch and drags it all around the house "humping" it at any hour of the day or night. He was spayed too, but maybe not early enough. Love him to death anyway!