Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Ceiling Saga, Continued

Well, unfortunately, when I woke up Saturday morning, the ceiling was still collapsed.

Same with Sunday morning.


On the plus side, the living room ceiling hasn’t caved yet.

And I have received lots of good advice.

As tempting as it is, I have put any suggestions involving actually killing the contractor on a back burner.

Ditto for “just put a match to it”.

My sister Cathy said: Ok, let me get this straight…he offered you your money back?
Me: Yes.
Cathy: But he said only if you didn’t tell the insurance company?
Me: Yes.
Cathy: And you said, no, I am telling the insurance company?
Me: Yes.
Cathy: So why didn’t you keep your mouth shut, get the money and THEN tell the insurance company?
Me: GGAACCKKKK!!!!!!!!!

My Son the Lawyer is in New freaking Zealand on his honeymoon. Well, I guess he deserves that. lol He will be back in a week. In the meantime I will see what the insurance company has to say.

I will tell Ryan to be very, very mean to the bungling scam artist who left me with this mess. That ought to be entertaining considering Mr. Contractor’s incompetent knickers were in a twist from me yelling at him.

What kind of contractor can’t take a little yelling, anyway?!?! And from a girl?!

Ohhhh, right. An inept, swindling one.


Jane Turley said...

Love your tags to this post Marie. You just missed out "Complete utter bastard".

Hey, you've got a lawyer for a son. No probs then. Let the shit hit the fan!

Marie said...

I would have added that one, Jane, but I didn't want to insult complete utter bastards. lol

manju said...

You shouldn't just get your money back, Marie, you should get compensation, too!

Ask Ryan whether you can.

Marie said...

Manju, I am so low right now, I feel like I deserve compensation for my whole freaking life.

Boo hoo. Pity party. All are welcome. The more the unhappier. lol