Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cranky Saturday

I am cranky.

On a typical Saturday, I have maybe three or four errands to run.

Today I have THIRTEEN!!! Mostly associated with the wedding.

What I really want to do is knit:


Have a cup of tea, read and write:

(Alright, so it isn’t War and Peace. Cut me a break.)

I will admit, I am spoiled. After 31 years of raising children and putting everyone else’s needs first, I have an abundance of “me” time.

So I will get my stuff done as quickly as possible and hie myself back home to my yarn, book and laptop. Except by that time it will be time for wine, not tea.

Cool. :)


Da Old Man said...

That's a lot of errands. We need to switch to a metric week or something so weekends are longer.

Jessica said...

I couldn't agree more, it's a cranky Saturday. All I want to do today is sleeping.

Jane Turley said...

Is that Chick Lit Marie???? I can't quite make it out...

But if so lady..shame, shame shame on you.. Tis only good for burning!!

( Ps, did I tell you I'm writing a chick lit novel... well sort of. It's a bit strange though as people get murdered in it.....)

Marie said...

Hey Jane! I was sure I answered this last night, but I had a teeny bit too much evening cheer, so who knows who I sent it too. lol

The book most certainly is NOT chick lit!!! AS IF!!!! Harumph!

It is a cute little mystery in a series written by a local author. They are set in New York in 1954, the place and year I was born, so I find them fun.

Although if YOU are writing a chick lit novel, the entire genre will be turned on it's head and may just become acceptable. lol I would love to hear more.

Marie said...


Joe, you are right, 13 is WAY too many errands, although I got them all done. Of course I can hardly walk today, but Groomzilla will be appeased. lol

Jessica, sleeping sounds lovely!! I wish I could take a nap right now, but it is my mother's birthday, so I am off to a birthday dinner.

DK said...'s getting married again? You know my easy confusability. Are you getting married????

I'm feeling like it's a son or perhaps a nephew, but, I could be making that up...

Marie said...

Oh, Kate, not me!!!! God forbid!! One spouse has been MORE than enough, thank you very much. Oy.

No this is The Second Coming (aka my oldest son lol) who is getting married.