Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Another Relaxing Friday Night

A cup of tea, reading, knitting, feet up in bed. Ahhhh.

So I can take it in stride when MY SUNROOM CEILING FALLS DOWN!!!!!

I’m sitting in my bedroom when I hear this ungodly crash. And this is what I found:

The roof and ceilings were repaired in April. And now the repaired ceiling is lying in soaking wet pieces on the ground. I would not call this a successful job.

I frantically called the contractor who had done the work. And guess what? He was SNOTTY. What is this, an epidemic of snottiness? My ceiling is on the floor and he’s nasty to me?!?!

He actually said to me that he told me at the time the roof was unfixable. And I would find this acceptable? I said to him, are you kidding me? You said I can’t fix your roof and I said okey dokey then here’s $3000 thanks for not fixing the roof?

And he replied “I can only assume that you are talking to me like that because you are upset.”


My CEILING is on the FLOOR and I am hurting his feelings because I raised my voice?!?!

“If you think that was bad” I replied, “then hear this: I paid you to fix these things AND NOW MY FUCKING HOUSE IS FALLING DOWN!!!!” Because the living room ceiling is looking pretty precarious too.

We went back and forth, him insisting he told me he couldn’t repair the roof, I saying he never told me any such thing, until it was obvious we were getting nowhere. He offered to give me back my money if I didn’t call the insurance company.

Oh, I don’t think so. The insurance company recommended him. They are definitely going to hear from me. So he said forget it then, sue me. That is when I hung up. And filed a claim with my homeowner’s.

Now I have to go cry for a little while because an up part of my house is down. And it is a terrible mess that I am going to have to clean up. It is just too much.

I am so tired.


Da Old Man said...

So, he tried to convince you that you agreed to not fix it for $3000? You should have called me. I wouldn't fix it for much less than that.

Jane Turley said...

What a bastard. Make sure you put everything down in black and white and mail it to the insurers by recorded delivery. Since the insurance company recommended him he's put himself in a rather stupid postion because he may have jeopardized his contract with them when they hear about his shoddy workmanship.

Put a nail in his coffin!

Chin up Marie... you've made it through far worse than this and you will do again. And if the worst comes to the worst, you can always chuck a brick through his window!

DK said...

MARIE! Holy shit!

Oh, what a bastard. You should talk to a lawyer. Sue him indeed....

Marie said...

Joe: Actually it was more than $4000 that he agreed not to fix it for. I would have not fixed it for less too. You and I should go into business together. lol

Jane: I hate him I hate him I hate him...well, you get the picture.

A brick through his window!?! I want to put a brick through his head!

I must keep reminding myself I've made it through worse. I will - every time I stop crying over my lovely little house crumbling to pieces.

Kate: My lawyer (my son) is in New freaking Zealand on his honeymoon. He is SOOOOO selfish!! lol

Miranda said...

Wow, I'd be pretty furious too! Good for you, standing up for yourself isn't always easy and I hope this situation turns out okay in the end and your ceiling is is fixed soon.

Marie said...

Hi Miranda, welcome! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment.

Thanks also for you kind words. We'll see what happens.