Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner was a resounding and joyous celebration.

First came the church part. Blah blah blah blah.

I am not usually like that about church stuff, especially worship. But this was just droning, YOU - stand here, YOU - stand there, YOU - sit, YOU - bow. Excruciating. And now I will probably disgrace Ryan and Claire because I didn’t pay a bit of attention and will have no idea what is going on tomorrow.

I was too busy enjoying my grandson.

Already scoping out the girls. Hey, James, good choice. That one is a doctor, but unfortunately is already married.

All the boys and girls took the instructions very seriously.

My two precious, handsome boys , Ryan, James (the best man) and my lovely new daughter. Oh, and an extraneous clergyperson:

Then we went and we had us a PARTY.

We were in a local restaurant, in the front room, with the doors opened up to the outside. On a cool, breezy evening, it was perfect.

The service was cheerful and attentive, the food was awesome, the company was the best. That room glowed with the sheer pleasure of each other's company, happiness for Ryan and Claire and gratitude for the opportunity to join together for such a wonderful occasion.

Isn't he gorgeous?!?!

Ryan was made an honorary member of the bride’s family.

He made a moving speech on how much he and Claire loved everyone there and how thrilled they were to be surrounded by so much affection and support. Then he, with beautiful and loving words, he thanked me specifically. Although he didn't mention my tan.

This is me (see how tan I am? lol):

Everyone is full of joy for these two beloved young people.


The Wedding!!!!!!


DK said...

Wedding rehearsals are, frankly, just awful. Universally. Bleh.

You look faabulous, though!

Marie said...

Thanks Kate!! You are so sweet to say so!