Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Gift

I have many wonderful people in my life who are very good to me. Sometimes, when I get lost in a maze of ceilings and finances and loneliness and illness, like this week, I tend to forget that.

My friend Debe in Missouri is an accomplished, innovative artist. She also has MS, but continues to express and generously share her talents.

Yesterday I was surprised by a package. And this is what was inside.

The attached note says:

Sweet Marie,

A bottle of Goddess dust to help ease your pain and worries.

Gaze upon it. Remember I will think of you daily and send healing prayers

Her kindness has literally taken my breath away.

To say ‘thank you’ feels like the most banal and inadequate response possible. So what I am called to do is to share her love and hope with anyone reading this post who also has a need for healing prayers. I know so many of you have just as many things to deal with and worry about as I do, if not more.

Even if I don’t know you, even if I don’t know what you are carrying, please know I am sending healing prayers your way and will also think of you daily.

And thank you Debe, for this treasure, for your love and for your friendship.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift and sentiment. Thank you both for sharing. Marie I had no idea things were so bleak for you at this time. I have wondered about you but did not send a note as I should have. I'm sorry.

Drunken Dragon said...

I think that's a very-very nice gift.

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Marie said...

Papercages: Oh, don't mind me, bleak is my middle name; I just put on a good face. lol If you had to send me a note everytime I felt bleak you would be in a paper cage indeed. :)

Thanks for your sweet words.

Drunken Dragon: Will do.

manju said...

Debe is a wonderful friend, Marie. I hope her goddess dust brings good fortune for you!

cimmonz said...

ahhh... this story makes ME feel good!

i'm active with Our Heart Greeting ~ we're a group of friends with MS who create and send greetings to others related to MS, just to make life better for all of us...

Thanks Debe & Marie!

you've encouraged me!

blessings bee yours ;)

Marie said...

We're lucky to know her, aren't we Manju?!?

And hi, Cimmonz, thanks for stopping by!

Jane Turley said...

That's is a lovely gift have a very thoughtful and kind friend. I know life can be tough at times - just when you think you've got things in control something quite small can trigger of a bout of depression. Okay, so you can't cure the MS but try to look on the postive side...the ceiling CAN be fixed, you've a son who will screw the workman(hurrah), you've gained a lovely daughter in law and extended family, you also have a wonderful friend who sends you gifts and plenty of other people who care about you! That is so much more than some people who have may have health but whose lives are riddled with loneliness. This is just a phase...which we all experience from time to time when thing get on top of us.. 'cos we are all really just fragile and vunerable humans...This feeling WILL pass Marie. You know it will.
Chin up Marie, I want to hear that resilient and funny woman before too long; otherwise I may get depressed myself. And you don't want to be responsible for Mrs T getting depressed do you? Pierce would never want me then!

Marie said...

I am duly chastened. :(

Now Jane...if I perk up, and you get Pierce, do you think he could scrape up Colin Firth for me? Because that is a definite incentive. I would have said Hugh Grant, but he is sooo obvious. Everyone wants him. Men AND women.

Macca would be an acceptable substitution.

I feel cheerier already.

Ceiling? What ceiling?

Jane Turley said...

Oh Marie I didn't mean to sound like I was chastising you! Merely trying to point out the good things to make you feel better! Damn it, I wish I had a solicitor for a son... do you have any idea what havoc I would cause with endless letters to all those people who have put my back up over the years! Just the thought of it makes me feel like dancing in the nude! (On reflection, probably not a good idea - I could end up with a lot of writs against me....)

Even mad old Mrs T feels like you do at times. Whilst I'm fit (Okay, I'll rephrase that - I'm not ill) I find myself constantly battling through life too trying to do my best for my sons (which has proved very difficult for Master Jacob )amongst other things, and sometimes it does get too much and I feel like giving up. But then I try to think of the good things, the successes and about people who don't have what I have. It's not much of a device but it's better than getting addicted to anti depressants and getting even fatter on chocolate!(Btw I've lost 12lbs!)

So lets talk about things which are much more important... Colin Firth! Mmmmm..I take it you've seen Pride and Prejudice then?! Boy, did he look horny in those tight pants! Mind you, he ain't ageing so well but I reckon I could suffer him on a dark night after a couple of stiff drinks. And Huw Grant? He is so funny! He's funny in real life too...seen him interviewed so many times I think it would be hard to fake a natural wit. And he's so quintessentially English...just like me!(Mrs T laughs to herself) Yep, I can even forgive him for the episode with the hooker... I'm just cross I didn't think of hanging out on a street corner myself... Blimey I could have picked up Huw or even Richard Gere. That's my problem; just too much of a modest English Rose, I'll never bag Pierce....

But I'll never give up trying either!

Yeah, what ceiling? The one that's gonna be fixed. And then you can forget about it.

Blogging is good therapy ain't it?

Marie said...

Ok, let me get this straight - you are writing for the BBC AND you have lost 12 lbs?!?!?! And I am not supposed to be depressed?!?!?! Harrumph!!!

Anyway, ok, ok, I'll cheer up even though I am dead jealous I mean so happy for you.

And you think Colin is not aging well? Hmmm. I will have to take another look.

Hugh Grant is witty and smart. I love smart and funny. Maybe I will have to reconsider.

But Sir Paul has all that lovely money.

Although David Duchovny is just a dissertation away from his Ph.D.

Oh, how to choose?????

I will just have to leave it to you, you modest English Rose you!! You and Pierce, that is.

Jane Turley said...

I didn't mention my starting weight did I?! And I ain't gonna - a woman's gotta have some pride!

Sir Paul does have all that lovely money. But cutting off your leg is rather an extreme way to pick up a guy. I say stick to Huw, Colin or David.

Alternatively, you could have all three! I'm all for playing the field! Wow, I didn't know David was doing a PHD...that does impress me. Men with big brains really turn me on (and other big assets..but...cough, cough... let's not go there.)

Keep smiling!

Marie said...

Oooooh, starting weight. There always is that, isn't there?

Have you ever read my post on The Scale? It is scarier than Stephen King.

But 12 pounds is 12 pounds and I AM happy for you, my friend. :)

Love you, Jane!!!! xoxo

manju said...

Ha! ha! Marie, Jane, you two are out of control!

(Pardon me for butting in.)

Marie said...

Ah, the voice of reason!!

Thanks, Manju, I needed that!! lol

Jane Turley said...

Butting in is good; the more the merrier!

It's these premenopausal hormones of mine Manju, just driving me around the bend. Still, at least I'm only eyeing up Pierce and not my teenage son's mates. Although come to think of it....

Reason is a good thing, I grant you that, but then I would have to accept that me and Pierce ain't never gonna happen. So, I'll stick to much more interesing. Besides, I'm too embarassed to take back my inflatable.

Marie said...

Oh Jane, I can help you out with tip time order your inflatable on line. No one to actually see you!!

It worked for me. I mean, I have heard it works for some people.

And never say never. I think if Pierce ever got a load of your pre-historic family portrait, there would be no stopping him. :)

Jane Turley said...

You only heard eh? Hmm...

Yep, I look like one hell of a sexy gal in that photo! (Even with the sagging boobs.)

Not so sure about the furs though. Look a bit downmarket...

DK said...

Wow, that's beautiful! What a wonderful gift, what a wonderful sentiment. And I can think of no one more deserving. ;-)

Blessed be indeed.

Da Old Man said...

Very beautiful gift and thought. You are blessed to have such a good friend.

Oy, the estrogen is flowing in here. LOL