Monday, September 22, 2008

A few more things...


I loved my wedding purse! It is my Stevie Nicks bag.

Everything I choose my fashion arbiter Christine rejects as "too Stevie Nicks".

Hey, I LIKE Stevie Nicks. I can't help it if I am an aging hippie. And I have good, classic rock'n'roll taste.

Christine is ten years younger than me. You didn't see me out on the dance floor waving my arms around like a fool to Bon Jovi!

I do try to forget hearing a rock critic refer to Stevie Nicks as "the Norma Desmond of rock'n'roll". Ouch.


When I got the hotel to meet the boys before the wedding, the four handicapped spots in front were already taken. I was strung out and stressed out, still had to put my make-up on and hadn’t been able to zip my dress all the way up in the back because of my broken shoulder. Not a happy camper.

I drove around fruitlessly trying to find a spot I would be able to walk from. There were NONE. I was close to tears because I was also late.

So I parked in the front, figuring I would get one of the boys to move the car for me.

When I went in, I said to the clerk, “I can’t believe you only have four handicapped spots for this entire hotel!” And she got SNOTTY with me!!!! Can you believe it?!?! Alright, so I looked like a mad woman, frazzled, no makeup, my dress drooping down in the front to reveal my underwear. But she was mean. To a handicapped person! So my only apparent handicap at that time was that I appeared to be insane. But still.

She said, "Ma'am, we have plenty of handicapped spaces."

I replied, with total maturity and self restraint, “Well thank you SO MUCH for your sympathy and helpfulness. It is so gratifying to see such a demonstration of really outstanding customer service.” And I said it sort of loud.

So she said, with super-sized snottiness, “Ma’am, we have at least four handicapped spots at each entrance.”

So I said, “Oh, like the other entrances that are a football field length away?!?! Well that IS helpful.”

What I really wanted to do at this point was start jumping around yelling “ATTICA! ATTICA!!!” or at the very least chain myself to a chair in the lobby. But I realized that while in principle Ryan might support my pursuit of social justice, choosing this particular moment could cause him to be less than pleased.

So rather than make a massive a scene in the hotel lobby, I just had her call his room and up I went.

She may claim that I stuck my tongue at her when we left. But I will deny that to the day I die.

(When Bob went to move my car, there was a spot right in front. Ah, the irony.)

My Birthday

It was yesterday. I was mumble mumble mumble years old. Chronologically. Maturity wise I am approaching 12.

I had actually been awake for about an hour before I remembered it was my birthday. That struck me as a little pathetic.

But Ryan and Claire surprised me at the post-wedding brunch with a cake. I was so touched I forgot to take a picture of the cake before it ended up looking like it had been ravaged by a pack of rabid badgers:

It was delish.

Everyone sang happy birthday and I got this beautiful card from my FIVE children:

I can’t deny the fact that they like me!! Right now, they like me. lol

Happy Birthday to me!!


Jane Turley said...

Happy Birthday Marie!

Now while you may have a disability Marie let me tell you that there ain't nothing wrong with your tongue woman....

I'm just glad I'm not the only one with the maturity of a 12 year old...

Hmm..let's do a Stevie Nicks karoke duet and dance round that handbag of yours..

Marie said...

Thanks Jane!!

I have received a landslide of good wishes. lol

The only thing wrong with my tongue is that I don't know when to hold it!!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday!

Oh, and I have the perfect line for the parking space situation: "Very well, I will have to accept complimentary valet parking as a reasonable accomodation. Here are my keys."

manju said...

What do you mean they like you? They love you, Marie! And why shouldn't they?

Happy Birthday!

Da Old Man said...

Happy birthday to you.
Handicapped accessibility is a joke. I went to Kean (official motto "We're a University now!")

How many parking spots by the office for disabled students? 1

Student Center? 2

Library? 0

How many spots near the buildings where classes are held? 4

How many in the parking lot near no buildings? at least 30 or more. LOL.

Marie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

Margaret: Perfect response! If I hadn't been mid-melt down, I may have thought of that too. lol

Manju: Well they say they love me. But it's a funny thing about actions speaking louder than words.

I'm just channeling Sally Field. :) I tried to find a You Tube clip of her speech, but I couldn't. So I just had to quote it.

Joe: That is classic!! lol It never fails, when I am having a good day, there are a million spots wherever I go.

When I feel like crap and can barely walk, I have to lay in wait to beat little old ladies out of the spots.

I'm ruthless. lol

Anna Lefler said...

Cool blog! I do lots of arm-flapping to Stevie Nicks AND Jon Bon Jovi - woohoo!

Happy Birthday and rock ON. :^)

Don said...

Hi Marie, looks like we are listening to the same music. I was born in'52...'bout the same there.

Marie said...

Hi Anna and Don! Thanks for stopping by.

Anna: Thanks so much for your kind words. Music wise you would get along with me and my friend Christine.

How very adaptable you are!! Gorgeous too. Hmmm. It's going to take some effort to like you. lol

Don: 1954 here, and, as I live in the same area here on the Jersey shore, HUGE Bruce fan.

Bill said...

Let me start with 'Belated Happy Birthday'! And now a word to the wise: your kids don't like you, they're just softening you up now as you approach the age where wills matter. LOL

Hotel clerks fall into the category of people who let a tiny bit of authority go to their tiny heads.

Marie said...

Well, Bill, after a week to think about it I realize I was pretty jerky myself.

But she gets paid to deal with jerks like me. lol She definitely failed on that count.