Monday, March 3, 2008


Since I weighed myself and lived, I took the next big step [leap?] and actually bought a scale. Eeek!! Remarkably enough, there were a couple of good things about this. First, scales were on sale at Target. I have never priced scales before, previously sneering in derision as I passed them in the store. Of course, the laugh was on me as I got fatter and fatter.

Second, I lost three pounds!!! Yay!!!

This was a thrilling surprise. I did not have a good weekend. I went to a dinner party on Saturday where I had a massive piece of lasagna, only because I couldn’t cut it in half with the server and I was holding up the buffet line. Honest. HONEST! I could have eaten just half of it, but I didn’t want to offend my hostess.

No, that is absolutely not true. She didn’t even make it herself. The fact is it was awesome and I devoured it like a wolverine.

On Sunday morning I figured, in for a penny in for a pound (literally), so I got a scone from Panera. And ate it with butter. Yummy. Then I went to a St. Patrick’s Day party at my son’s. More food I never would have eaten if I had stuck to my plans.

So I anticipated a depressing result this morning. But instead, I am three pounds less than I was last Monday. Because I am never happy, I would have preferred it was like, 60 pounds. But even I recognize that is unreasonable.

If I hadn’t bought the scale, I would have just assumed I had blown it this weekend and would have been totally beating myself up over it. Instead, I can see that the effort I’m putting into this is paying off.

Now I just have to sustain it.


janet said...

Congratulations. There may be something to this scale business. I mean i see your point about just assuming you had blown it, and then discovering that in fact you had actually lost three pounds. We have a scale, i have no good reason not to get on it. Well except that i have convinced myself it is not accuarate, lol. Even though it is a new scale. Perhaps my system of looking in the mirror, and standing sideways to see if i look differently isn't the most scientific approach, lol.

Maybe this week, maybe once i start swimming, and moving, maybe then i'll take the "leap" and get on the scale. Just getting into a swimming suit will be enough for me for now i think. I'm trying to adjust to liking the idea of leaping, without it i fear i will just wither here at the bottom of the mountain.

Marie said...

Hang in there Janet!! I didn't even own a bathing suit for ten years and now not only do I get into one, I have two!! You are going to feel SO good when you start swimming.

I love your sideways-looking method of weight determination. Sounds good to me!! And OF COURSE your scale is not accurate! It won't be until you start losing weight. lol The more you lose the more accurate it will get. :)

I hate the idea of leaping, but like Jessica commented so wisely, if we're stuck we need to leap.

We won't let you wither Janet. xoxo

Anonymous said...

THREE, count 'em, THREE pounds??

Marie, that's fabulous! Well done, sister--I weighed in Monday, too, and I'm pretty sure your weekend and my weekend caught up with each other, and MATED or something, as I lost .8 of a pound.

Yeah, I was distinctly underwhelmed, too, but what the hell--at least it's not .8 of a pound gained.


Marie said...

Thanks Suseo! Three pounds and already I feel like a super model. lol There will be no living with me when I get back to my normal size. lol

Hang in there! Any loss is a good loss. :) What are you doing to get there? Any particular program or just being careful?

I am still stunned I lost at all. But it is really an incentive to stick with what I've been doing.

We will both be size 10 again before we know it! Hope you're having a super day!


Jessica said...

YAY!!! Congrats! *Clapping* :) Marie, You're making me feeling so wise. Hehe

Anonymous said...

This has been a week where I skipped meals, didn't eat for a couple of days and in general took VERY poor care of my inner female. No exercise except for walking around the house or the hospital.

It is so great that You will be an inspiration to each of us!!