Friday, February 29, 2008


I passed a colorful, whimsically painted van today. It went by too quickly to tell if it was for a business or just sending a message to the world. It said:

Leap and the net will follow.”


On the surface, that is a cool concept. Take chances. Don’t always play it safe. Sort of what Mark Twain is saying over there to the right.

I am a firm believer in not always taking the simple and cautious path. I want to grow all the time and live a full life. Not reckless, mind you. Just…not so guarded that I am one-dimensional.

But I don’t know if this would work for me if I were, say, in an airplane. Even if one that was still on the ground.

I can’t decide if it is inspirational or insane. If I am a scaredy cat hypocrite or sensible.

How do you feel about leaping?


Anonymous said...

o how timely, i just finished typing the words, i'm so boring on the mskk forum, lol. It's the truth. But i think the truth may be that i LIKE boring. I find comfort in boring. Even in my food. I like to eat the same foods over and over. I don't even like spicey food. I'm not a risk taker. I would never bungee jump. I'd never throw down a $100 bill on one roll. I'd never do something on a dare.

Would I be happier if i did those things? I don't know. Do i regret that i haven't done those things? I don't think so. I'm a happy person. I love my husband and the life we have made. I love where i live, i love my kids, my home, the circumstances of my life. I hate my body, and what has BECOME of me. But those weren't choices i made. I didn't arrive here because of what i did or didn't do. I don't think i like leaping, i don't think it is for me...

I wonder, does that make me a chicken?

Anonymous said...

If I'm feeling stuck I need to leap, otherwise being a cat or chicken is more comfortable, lol.

Marie said...

Jessica, that is really something to think about.

It was a leap for me to get on the scale, it was another leap to actually buy a scale. But I was stuck and now I know I am losing.

It is such a boost.

Leaping when we are stuck. I think that is brilliant!