Friday, March 7, 2008


In trying to keep on track, I have developed some tricks.

· To make sure I have a sense of food amounts by sight, I practiced measuring portions with water.
· I take very small bites and chew them thoroughly. I chew them to death.
· I use a salad fork and a small plate so I will eat smaller portions.
· I brush my teeth and wash my hands as soon as I’ve eaten something to get rid of any traces of food.

In other words, I am turning into a world class weirdo.

HELP!!! I’m obsessed.

Four weeks into this ordeal, oops, I mean this exercise in developing healthy habits (groan), I can’t think about anything else. I am terrified I will blow this and let myself and everyone else down.

So I will spend this weekend calming myself down and doing the best I can. That’s all I can think of doing.


Jessica said...

Think of that as a good pressure for you to lose weight :) I'm trying to use chopsticks most of the time. I can't even hold them right, lol.

Marie said...

Thanks Jessica, you always say just the right thing!

Chopsticks ARE a good idea, especially if you can't use them to eat anything. lol

When I was in high school I worked in a Chinese restaurant. (People used to actually ask me if I was Chinese - I am of Irish descent and totally look it. So after a while if someone was dopey enough to ask me that, I would just say yes, yes I am Chinese. I loved seeing the expression on their faces.)

At any rate, they tried to teach me how to use chopsticks at the restaurant and I was hopeless. Maybe it's time to give them another try.

I can just see my mother's face if I whip out a pair of chopsticks to eat Easter dinner with. lol

AndrewE said...

Just stick with it. It does become easier with time.

Also, make sure you factor in a bit of enjoyment.

If it is to be a new lifestyle then it has to be sustainable. :)

Cammy said...

It bothers me a little that these tricks sound perfectly normal. :)

Honestly, these all look like practical ideas and good tools for getting you to where you want to go.

Marie said...

Thanks Cammy, I think they are relatively normal. And I think they are helpful. But I do nothing in moderation, so I am making myself crazy. :)

Andrewe said it well, it has to become a lifestyle. So I have to feel my way into that balance rather than being obsessed all the time.

Merry K. said...

I featured YOU on my last Blog Post. Check it out...

Jessica said...

If, don't forget to put that easter dinner on tape, LOL.