Friday, March 21, 2008

The First Full Day of Spring

I have never been a big mark-the-season person. If I do notice as one shifts into another, I might think “oh that’s nice”, but I don’t otherwise give it any special significance. I believe you can have a new beginning at any second, you don’t have to wait for a conspicuous turning point to start a project or honor time passing.

This year feels a little different to me, though. My life circumstances are in transition and involve a great deal of uncertainty. Sunday is Easter, a symbol of rising again, new life, new possibilities, promises kept.

Looking outside yesterday, I actually saw a red-breasted robin in my yard. So I feel as though the season, and all it represents, is inviting me along to embrace the opportunities it provides. Spring brings the new, but also offers up the renewed. New things are born, but old things are reborn.

I am considering the prospects I have now to develop new adventures and nurture old gifts.

I have a lot to do!

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Anonymous said...

You write beautifully! I always appreciate others who appreciate nature. Wish I could write like that! Very peaceful! I will be back!