Thursday, February 14, 2008


I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day. I am a morning person. I love the possibilities every morning brings. Unfortunately for me lately, almost every morning brings a day that contains some hideous disaster. But hope springs eternal in the stupid idiot.

Anyway, for breakfast today, and for the past few weeks, I have been having a bowl of Special K with Berries, a sliced banana and a cup of tea. I don't put anything in my tea but milk. I actually really like this for breakfast and it tops out at about 280 calories because I use whole milk.

I don't eat between meals, not because I'm some kind of model of self-control, it just doesn't occur to me. I mean to have a snack of fruit mid-morning, but I never do because I forget. I've had to throw out more freaking fruit than you can believe. But I am going to set a timer or something to force myself to remember today.

How about you? What did you have for breakfast? How do you manage to snack or not snack in a healthy way?


Anonymous said...

Cheers and huzzahs to you, Marie! I'm right there with you and while there's not a lot I can do about my other health challenges, I CAN drop the weight.

Let's do it.

I don't make much of an effort when it comes to breakfast--at the moment, I'm eating those South Beach Diet cereal bars. The peanut butter variety is so good that I have to be careful or I'll polish off the whole box.



Marie said...

Oh, Suseo, sweetie, we will do it!!!

I just hope we're not still saying that 30 additional pounds from now over our third martini! lol

But even if we are, tomorrow IS another day!!!


Anonymous said...

What do I have for breakfast? Almost always the same thing: a fried or poached egg (a fried egg is the only kind of fried food I ever eat), orange juice, about 5 prunes, a whole-wheat English muffin or a slice of whole-grain bread with a pat of butter or 1 tablespoon of apple butter, and as much Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke as I want.

It probably seems monotonous to most people but I haven't been in the mood to vary it lately. I'm always in a hurry in the mornings, and spending time planning breakfast for one just for the variety seems like more effort than I want to put forth.

A few years after MS was diagnosed my weight ballooned to the point where Type 2 diabetes was diagnosed, and I was told to drop the excess pounds or else need insulin.

I shed 100 pounds and actually kept it off since 1984. I'm still within my normal weight range but would like to drop about 14 pounds so I could fit into some clothes better and have better mobility.

Avoiding snacks? I'm not always successful at avoiding snacks any more. For about 10 years I wore a "nightguard" all the time because my teeth were wearing down. I couldn't eat while wearing it. This put an immediate end to all in-between-meals snacking. Nowadays, though, I've been able to get away with wearing this contraption only at night, and so I've been getting back into the snacking habit.

Keeping an eye on my weight is definitely not much fun and gets terribly tiresome. I'm still counting calories and weighing out food.

I've been trying to lose this 14 pounds for years now. Sometimes I lose a couple of pounds, then gain them back again.

Maybe I'll find the motivation I need here...

Heather said...

I had been eating crap food--like pop tarts for the last couple of weeks.

But today, I bought oatmeal, honey wheat english muffins, and yogurt.

I'm going to try eating consciously for breakfast and lunch. I'll eat standard for dinner, which just means I won't stress. I tend to fix food with fat/calorie content in mind.

These are small steps, but it can't hurt.

Voice of Sophia

Marie said...

Wow, Agate, how did you lose 100 pounds?!?!? What an incredible accomplishment!!

Heather, that sounds like a plan! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I lost 1-2 lbs. a week. I did have to report to my doctor every month to have weight and blood sugar checked.

I was on a diet of 1000 cals/day, and later I had to go down to 900 cals/day.

I was constantly hungry. But at least the pounds were dropping away.

Marie said...

Agate, I am so happy for you that you lost that weight, but it hurt to hear you say you were hungry all the time!!! That sounds horrible. But I guess the results are worth it.

I have been using Fit Day to keep track of calories this week and it has been sobering. I thought I was doing so good, but I am actually takig in about 1600 to 1800 calories a day. YIKES!!

I have a salad every day with chicken, goat cheese and pecans. It's adding up to almost 500 calories. So the goat cheese and pecans have to go! :(

This is not fun!

Anonymous said...

I recall getting used to that aching hungry feeling. I find it less easy to get used to nowadays, somehow!

I might be able to lose weight if I could keep my calorie intake at 1100-1200 but every day it's around 1400.

I looked at FitDay and liked its easy readability, compared to SparkPeople's diet log setup. But I backed off when I found that FitDay doesn't list any brand names. I'm so lazy I don't cook much from scratch any more and rely on frozen dinners a lot. Also, I have all my usual food entries already set up at SparkPeople.

Judytiger said...

I am not a breakfast person - maybe coffee and a couple of cigarettes. Unfortunately, I make up for the calories later in the day.

Dr and I have a plan where I will visit him every 6 weeks to see what progress that I've made.

With the med checkups coming, I have decided to "try" to eat something better than smoke for breakfast- oatmeal, etc.

Candy and snacks will held to a minimum (she said! LOL)

Have also starting walking around the neighborhood as of yesterday - my goodness, am I sore today!!

Marie said...

Oy vey Judytiger, cigarettes?!?!?! What are you thinking?

I know you are under incredible strain, but we care about you so much!

If you have to smoke, maybe...smoked salmon?!?! lol Smoked oatmeal?! Really well done toast? lol

It'll feel better to walk if you don't start out by trying to kill yourself. :)

I am SO glad you are here!