Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Whole Shebang

As I predicted the other day, I indeed awoke from the anesthesia to discover myself full of holes.

Dr. W. did do the manipulation under anesthesia. But then felt a little look-see was necessary. Thus an arthroscopy. Apparently there was so much junk in there he had to do an open procedure too. He went back in through my previous scar, so at least I don’t have a new one.

I have a wicked sore throat, as I was also treated to a tube down my throat to keep my airway patent. Patency can be a problem for people who are upright and unconscious (the surgery is done with the patient in what they call the beach chair position, semi sitting). There might have been some reference also that this tube was utilized if people were so deeply asleep they were snoring. But I know that would not have applied to me because I am a lady and ladies do not snore. As if. Harrumpfff.

I cannot write too much more as it is really hard to type with one hand. In addition to all the above, I have a scalene block, which is a catheter in my neck that is constantly delivering anesthesia to my arm from a pump strapped around my waist. Between that and pain meds, I am pretty comfortable pain wise. An ice water machine is a great help as well. It pumps water through a wrap I put around my arm and the cold gives even more pain relief to the surgical area.

But the rest of me hurts! I am achy all over. I have bruises in places I didn’t know I had places. And I look like the wrath of God. After Dr. W. met with me following the surgery I went into the ladies room. This is what I saw in the mirror:

So now we know he is not nice to me because of my stunning good looks. Further evidence he is a really good person, as my looks were stunning alright, but not exactly good. Anyone else would have a) run screaming for the hills or b) rolled on the floor laughing.

As usual, the marvelous people in my life were enormously helpful. Deacon Gail from church, my friends Dru and Christine, my son James and my daughter Elizabeth have gone above and beyond. That also goes for the professionals providing me care, who have rearranged schedules and made last minute appointments to accommodate me. Thank you all.

Did I say I cannot write too much more? ha ha ha Silly me. Silly you to believe me! lol

One final treat. This is me, catheter, dressing and frownie face. RUN!!



Jstlookn said...

Oh Marie...I was amazed to see your smiling face and witty words so soon after your operation. What a gal...what a gal...
Rest up kiddo, hope you are feeling 100% SOON.
hugs...gentle ones...

The Mother said...

Your throat hurts BECAUSE of that tube. I hate that.

I hope you feel better soon, Marie.

calligraphx said...

Hey Marie-
Glad to see you are up and blogging, even if it is one handed, lol. Your sense of humor through all of this is really awesome! :D

Rest up so you can be concerto blogging (2 handed, not a comment on the quality) again very soon.

JD at I Do Things said...

Hey, turn that frown upside down! I'm glad you're on the other side of the procedure. I hope you heal quickly and feel better fast. (I had a tube down my throat for a recent procedure because THIS lady DOES snore!)

Da Old Man said...

Feel better, my friend.

Patti said...

Marie, I don't check in for a few weeks, and what happens? Holy cow woman, you needed more surgery?

Yet in spite of apparently having swimming pool in your basement, more holes in your body, and a car that won't still know how to write. :)

Seriously though, this poor shoulder of yours is in rough shape. I hope this latest surgery works and improves the situation.

Gentle hugs my sweet friend.

lilaphase said...

That post puts my posts to shame and with only one hand.

Feel better!

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