Saturday, May 2, 2009

I AM a Writer

It has been a relatively uneventful few weeks, if you don’t count the sewage outflow pipe bursting open not once but twice, my car languishing, pretending it was sick, HAH, until I ransomed it from the mechanic for $855 and my shoulder hurting so much that by three o’clock every afternoon I just put my head on my desk and weep. Oh and there was a three inch flood in the basement too, that put out the pilot to the water heater. And I can't get down on the floor to relight it because of eff'ing MS. But my friend Peter came to do it for me. Thank you Peter.

I did have dinner one night with Christine and Peter, my wonderful friends, along with Christine’s sister and brother-in-law and approximately one million six adorable children. It is a good, good thing for me to go there because Christine loves me, waits on me hand and foot (and let me tell you NO ONE in my life has EVER waited on me hand and foot) and even better we laugh so much together my face hurts when I leave. Everyone should be lucky enough to have friends like Christine and Peter.

I have done a ton of writing, including writing that I AM BEING PAID FOR.


I whisper it to myself now, barely daring to say it out loud: “I am a writer”. Imagining someone asking me “What do you do?” and I can reply, “I am a writer.”

I am a writer.



Anonymous said...

Sorry about all your problems. Congratulations on being paid for your writing though. I can see why you are jumping all over. ;)

Marie said...

Hi Tricia!!! I am so glad you stopped by! Thanks for the congrats. I am so lucky. Well, if you don't count the unlucky stuff that is. lol

kasandria said...

Congrats! You ARE a writer! Enjoyed reading your blog! Clicked some links for you!

Bobby Allan said...

Boo to the crappy stuff but yay on being able to say "I'm a writer." My dream as well.

Marie said...

Kasandria: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed what you read. I am a writer you know. lol

Chrissy: I guess there will always be crappy stuff. Hang onto your dream. I am 54 and spent my most of my adult life having to support my family as a single mom.

I am finally doing what I always should have been doing.

The Mother said...

Congratulations. You are what we all aspire to be.

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

Say it loud and say it proud! You ARE a writer, paid or not. As long as you're published somewhere, even self-published like our blogs, you are a writer.

Write because it is your desire to do so. The monetary perks are simply a Big, Fat BONUS!

Now, please be so kind as to share your monetary endeavors with us wanna be "paid" writers. ;o)

Marie said...

Mother: Thanks! But you are a writer too. We all are. We are so lucky to have this medium! I would never have known you all otherwise.

Mom: Thanks so much!

The freelance job was true serendipity. I had met with an individual about business. When we were finished and I was getting ready to leave she said "You write, don't you?"

Now I have absolutely no idea how she knew that! So I said yes and she said I have some work that needs to be done. I worked up a service agreement, named a price, she accepted and signed and ta da, my first paying writing job!

Unknown said...

Hi- I just stumbled upon your blog. Love it! Sounds like a pretty yucky week, but congrats on being a paid writer! I aspire to reach that goal someday! I'll be following you...
Check me out if you get a chance

Margaret said...

Wonderful, just wonderful. I'll best it feels great to be a freelance writer.

Margaret said...

Also must feel great to be able to type, too. I'll let you know if I ever learn.