Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Hermitage

What length of self imposed home confinement qualifies one to be a hermit? Is bathing factored in to the answer?

Between one thing and another, I am not getting out much these days. Relentless pain has a funny way of slowing one down.

It also has a funny way of making one particularly un-funny. It also has a funny way of making one refer to oneself in an oddly detached third person manner.

Which one am I again?


Prince Charming, Willing and Forbearing has not responded to my proposition as of yet. However, I received multiple offers of adoption from marvelous prospective parents. Thank you all for that! LOL Cats proved to be a deal breaker for an otherwise ideal (and only) gentleman. Although, to be realistic, he also has a Mrs. Ideal. Thanks anyway Crotchety Old Man.


Will I never hear the clattering of hoofs on my front steps?

And now that I put it that way, do I want to? Because with my luck it would be the Jersey Devil. Or those rabid wolverines that are supposed to be so rare in New Jersey. Hah!



Da Old Man said...

That 3rd person thing could be interesting. Makes you seem like royalty.

Marie said...

Gasp! Do you not know that I AM royalty?!?

I realized a long time ago that I am actually a princess, a terrible mistake had been made and some impostor is leading my true princess life.

It's true. Really.

Lawyer Mom said...

Dear Royal Marie, I am sorry to hear the pain has been so bad.

When it gets better, go back to posting in the first person (would be my suggestion). We hear you better that way, and I think you speak better that way.

All good thoughts I send your way.

Marie said...

Thank you Lawyer Mom!

But don't mind me, I just have to justify the 'whine' part of my title. lol I'll get over it.

While oxycontin has been bery bery good to me,lol, you all are better medicine for me than anything.

Wilma Ham said...

Maybe you are listening for the wrong sound. No prince on a horse but a rather wonderful alien might zoom in with a spaceship to your front door.
In this day and age of change you never know.
I hope your pain will go soon, it is no fun when body parts are hurting.