Friday, May 22, 2009

Bruce on Wheels

(Cover your eyes, Crotchety Old Man) Christine and I went to see Bruce, et. al. this evening. They are the best. He is such an entertainer and puts on a great show. So much energy! Everyone in the band looked awesome. And the play list was really eclectic, a great mix of old and new. He closed with Rosalita as an encore. Such fun. The soundtrack of my college summers. A local boy. A good guy. He’s not perfect, but heck, who is? He does a lot of good around here that people never know about.

I watched the concert from the handicapped area, sitting in a wheelchair. It was my wheelchair debut. I have given up so many of the things I love because I can’t walk very far anymore, I am deciding it is time to buckle (ha ha, no pun intended) and take advantage of wheels.

It definitely felt strange, awkward and uncomfortable. I was very self-conscious. And separated from everyone else, because my eyes are now at crotch level. Not the ideal anatomical area to start a conversation with. Or smile at. (My dear friend Marc hilariously points this out in his films at .) But parking was a snap. I would hold up my handicapped placard and we were instantly directed to close, plentiful parking. At one point I breathed to Christine “It’s like…magic!” And we both cracked up.

Everyone on the staff was very nice and helpful. It was fun when Christine raced me through the empty hall after the concert started and we went to the ladies, taking a turn practically on two wheels, the two of us giggling like mad. And how lucky am I to have a friend who is just so matter-of-fact about the whole thing?

But I have a lot to think about as I adjust to a new stage in my life.

A wheelchair. Who’d a thunk it?



Margo said...

woo hoo! So glad you went to see my boyfriend, Bruce. It sounds like a great concert. You and Christine are lucky to have each other... I love the image of the race to the restroom. Congrats on your wheelchair debut! I admire you so much :)

The Mother said...

Have you ever seen the old British sitcom, "Waiting for God?"

A women gets forced into a nursing home by her family. And she hates it.

ANYWAY--she had always made fun of the little old ladies and their walkers. And stated loudly and publicly that she would DIE first.

Until the day she broke her hip, and her daughter was getting married...

It was delightful and charming, and your post reminded me of that woman's determination to get to her daughter's wedding even if she had to use that reviled walker.

If you can find a copy of the DVD, it's a hoot.

Good luck.

Margaret said...

There is nothing a like a Springsteen show to make you feel young, and wise, and energized, and exhausted... all at the same time!

Marie said...

Margo: Someday, girlfriend, you come up and will go bring down the house together! Thanks for the encouraging wheelchair words. It is hard. :(

Mother: I LOVE that series. I remember that episode! It is a perfect analogy. As I said to Margo, it is just hard accepting the limitations. But it also beats the alternative. :)

Margaret: Amen to that! I look at him now down on the stage and remember him in AP 40 years ago, when were all children.

Margaret, you will appreciate this one. Anytime I mention Bruce, my mother points out that his father is buried right up from my husband. I don't even pretend not to roll my eyes anymore.

Da Old Man said...

How did I miss this post?

Glad you had a good time. By the way, did you know if you Google "Bruce Springsteen is a jerk" my blog comes up second? Can't believe someone is ahead of me.

Marie said...

Now Joe, what happened to make you so bitter? lol I was shocked when you didn't comment. I thought maybe you had gotten therapy or something.

I hope Bruce covered his eyes before he read your response.

Lawyer Mom said...

Being in a wheelchair is hard. For some reason, no one wants to make eye contact with you. I'm not in one now, but I have been, and whenever I see someone else in one, I make a point to engage them, if they're the engaging sort.