Friday, March 11, 2011

Deserving a Peek

I realized as I was doing my daily web perusal that many of the blogs I read regularly really deserve a plug.

There is my original list of favorites if you scroll down on the right side. Most of them are blogs I was introduced to when I first became familiar with the blogging world over three years ago. Every one of them is still worth a look, they are marvelous. But I have found so many great new ones as well. I must point out there are many, many wonderful blogs out there that I read frequently. Almost too many to list. This is not a comprehensive run down by any means and I will try to note some of my other favorites over time.

Scouting New York

This kid (he is younger than some of my children) is 1) freaking adorable, 2) smart and funny and interesting and 3) has an ongoing love affair with both New York City and history. What an irresistible combination! He is a film location scout by profession and has parlayed the fascinating things he sees in the line of his work into this fabulous blog.

Red Head Ranting

Hey, in my book ranting is as much fun as whining.

This particular redhead is my friend Jen, a cyber-whiz if ever there was one. She has this funny blog, she is writing a book, she created a professional blog network, Tribal Blogs (lots of great blogs listed there, check it out), and she has organized an exciting blog conference scheduled for this summer. Oh and she is smart and really, really nice.

Beetle’s Memories ‘N’ Ramblings

Even if I weren’t an Anglophile, I would find Beetle’s slices of UK life delightful. Beetle is fortunate enough to be a member of a large, warm extended family. The charming stories she tells of her late parents are touching and make you realize this ostensibly ordinary couple was, in fact, quietly remarkable. Illustrated with her own drawings, altogether an uplifting and fun peek into a wonderful life.

The Maaaaa of Pricilla

Pricilla is a blog writing goat, courtesy of her Publicist. She tells of her barnyard adventures and companions and about the fantastic Happy Goats Soap her Publicist makes and sells here on Etsy. I can attest to the fact that the soap is awesome. I can also attest to the fact that Pricilla’s Publicist is awesome and one of the kindest, most supportive Internet friends I have. She blogs for herself at Broken Teepee. A former Jersey Shore native, now situated on a farm in Montana, it is Patty who facilitated getting a new free bathroom sink for my impoverished self. She is a loyal reader and commenter AND makes amazing jewelry, which can be found here.

Weird Web Today

Ok, so yesterday's post is about cow farts. That might not seem the most promising introduction to her talents. But this blog is by Diana Fasanella, a long time columnist for our local newspaper. In the paper she was bright and witty and often gave me a chuckle. Well, Diana wasn’t chuckling when after 18 years she was part of a “work force reduction”. Can I just say corporate life SUCKS? But not letting grass grow beneath her feet, she is launching several projects, including this blog. She has another in development that will deal with life as Nana. This smart woman deserves to be read, if for no other reason than her “Rant” statement on Weird Web Today: “This blog is dedicated to all the hard-working, loyal employees who big business tossed aside so executives can continue to collect their fat bonuses.”

As one of the big business victims myself, I say amen sister.

This is what I had to say about my former employers when I was laid off last year:

The fact that the layoffs were due to an epic level of mismanagement is especially enraging disheartening. Some people with a lesser character might consider a slow, painful, perhaps fiery, death too good for the people responsible. I, however, choose the high road. You know, the road above where you actually get to watch them die.

ha ha ha

(You can read the whole hilarious post here.)

So anyway, there are a few fun, worthwhile blogs to check out. Enjoy!

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Pricilla said...

Thank you my friend. I enjoy reading your whines as well.

Oh and did you know that goat farts are the source of the bulk of the methane entering the atmosphere? Cows, I believe are second.

So cow farts are an important thing to post about....

Jen said...

Thanks for the plug! And the other blogs you listed are all A++ in my book.

Cows are second?

Marie said...

Pricilla: You are a never ending font of information. Goats, eh? And I though cows were number one.

Jen: You are A++ too, baby. And yeah, who knew about cows?!?

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