Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prayer Campaign

I happened on a blog yesterday that has truly touched me.

Jennifer is the mother of four under four. Her blog (here) is a charming celebration of her family, a family that was pretty ordinary until a few months ago.

Her youngest baby, Stellan, was born with a serious heart condition. Jennifer’s blog got the word out and pretty soon people all over the world were praying for him. They demonstrated that by holding Stellan’s name up in unbelievable places, the desert in Africa, a street in Argentina, in front of the Eiffel Tower. He went home a healthy little boy.

Stellan is now five months old. He was beating the odds until about 10 days ago, when his heart began to beat out of control. He is not doing well at all.

Jennifer is blogging about his condition several times a day and it is simply heartbreaking. I feel especially connected because my youngest was also born with a heart defect. There is no more helpless feeling than to see your child sick, to watch them go into heart surgery. But now she is a strong, beautiful 21 year-old. We were so lucky.

So I wanted to do this post to ask that those of you who have a tradition of prayer, pray for Stellan and his family. If that is not your tradition, please just think good thoughts that they will have the happy outcome we did. And add to this, for all anonymous families suffering with their children this day.



Michele said...

I am praying for them.

Staci said...

How sad. I'll pray for little Stellen, too.

Dan Brantley said...

Interestingly, I happened to click on your "On Being Unemployed" post from last July. It too had prayer as a theme...eventually!
I always enjoy reading your posts. And I'll add S to the prayer list.

Marie said...

Thank you all. It is a remarkable story of strength and love.

And thanks for your kind words, Dan. Prayer is what got me through that awful time, and what keeps me going as I clean up the incredible mess being out of work left in my life.

I am so glad you enjoy my posts! Thanks for telling me. Now, make sure you keep your helmet on! :)

Jane Turley said...

A heartbreaking story but so refreshing to see the support this young mother has been given. Makes you have faith in humanity again!

Marie said...

It really does Jane, doesn't it? Amazing stuff. And he is doing a little better as of Jennifer's last posting.

flavoredmom said...

This is heart-breaking. Really makes you count your blessings. Thank you for sharing this.

Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Flavored Mom. This really does help you appreciate what we have.

Their story is tragic and inspiring at the same time.