Saturday, April 4, 2009

Laughing Out Loud On a Saturday Morning

It’s Saturday. I have had a blissful morning of quiet, tea and reading. I am feeling so good, I need to share the joy.

Crotchety Old Man Some of my readers will recoil in horror, sneer in derision and have to cover their eyes, because I am about to utilize my favorite, to some the lowest form, of humor…drumroll please…LOL Cats!!

Sorry, I can’t resist. This is just what we need on a sunny, peaceful, spring-like morning.

Oh come on! You know you smiled. These are HYSTERICAL.

OK, I’m easy. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of



Da Old Man said...


Marie said...

Is that is a sigh of contentment after a good belly laugh? lol

Webster said...

I love LOL cats! Thanks for the chuckles.

Anonymous said...

Marie, Marie. I was just telling someone about your brilliant writing and you put this out? (It was funny, but I won't ever admit that in public)

Marie said...

Webster: Aren't they the best?! I turn into a six year old when I am reading them. My girls will hear me laughing from upstairs. They roll their eyes at each other and say "She's on that site again." lol

Tricia: Now, now. We musn't be literary snobs. I believe these are truly a form art! Yeah, performance art! They will be greatly appreciated 100 years from now. lol

(Brilliant?!?! Really?!?! *hug*)

Margo said...

LOL bwa ha ha haaa. As a recent fan of cats in any way, shape or form. Love the guy with the hammer!

JD at I Do Things said...

I'm easy too. Sometimes there's just nothing like a good Lol Cat to get me in the right mood. This lazy Sunday morning is perfect for Lolzz.

Da Old Man said...


Marie said...

Margo and JD: Clearly you both have very advanced and sophisticated senses of humor. Since you find the same things funny that I do. LOL

Joe: ROTFL ha ha ha ha