Thursday, April 2, 2009

Human Kindness

The baby I wrote about yesterday, a child I do not know, nor do I know any of his family, is doing somewhat better today. I was so glad to see that message in his mom’s blog.

That was really good news.

But here is what I am looking at as more good news.

The appeal to pray for this little one started with his mother’s posting on line. She does have a lovely site and I know she had quite a number of followers before Stellan got sick 2 weeks ago. But the response is flat out staggering.

Her emotional but beautifully written posts are receiving 300 to more than 600 comments each! Her blog is getting over 100,000 hits per day. Take a look at Stellan’s Name Gallery on her site. People have drawn and formed his name in every conceivable way and have sent pictures in, declaring their loving thoughts and prayers. There are HUNDREDS of them. From all over the world.

Jennifer, the mom, had been relegated by the hospital’s “Hospitality Coordinator” to a miserable little room that had no shower, and she had to be out of by 6 every morning. After learning this, one reader arranged for a night in a nearby hotel. Then some other people did the same. And then some others. Jennifer reports incredulously that she is now a VIP at the hotel, where she and her husband finally were able to sleep in a regular bed and take a shower.

Other friends of theirs started a fund to help them through this rough time.

My daughter was six when she had her heart surgery, three weeks after my husband died. I remember the constantly suppressed panic, the fear, the exhaustion, the despair that Jennifer talks about. My friends and family were very good to me at that time. But this is the entire planet.

Everything I want to say about this is so saccharine, so schmaltzy, I fear losing readers. However, even if you take the prayers out of the equation, even if you have a different belief system, think about what is happening here. It is simply a remarkable snapshot of the power that we all can have to effect good.

It was scrolling down that gallery of pictures of Stellan’s name that really struck me. Dozens and dozens and dozens of “Stellan”’s, in every possible medium. The pictures started to build momentum for me and flew by in a blur as I scrolled down. I caught my breath to think of the astonishing potential we have as human beings to be kind and generous. And I sighed to think of how often we aren’t.

I so hope Stellan continues to improve. And I hope the compassionate energy this is creating can eventually ripple through all our lives, around the globe.



lilaphase said...

Thanks for sharing this inspirational post.

Quite amazing!!!

Proud Mom said...

What a great post. Those of us with healthy children sometimes take for granted the gift we were given.

After I went to bed, I thought more about the tidbits about YOUR life on this post. You must have been very young when you lost your husband and your daughters were just starting school. I cannot imagine how this changed your life. Then later you are diagnosed with MS. Life kept throwing you curveballs, and yet today you are stronger than ever.

You, Marie, are also an inspiration. I hope God holds you and Stellan tightly for the rest of your lives so that you both may continue to bring joy to those who follow you.

Hugs ~ Lisa

Marie said...

Lila: Is it not the most incredible thing? It gives me goose bumps every time I look at her site.

Lisa: Thank you so much for your lovely words!

My children were 6, 8, 15 and 16 when my husband died. Seeing their pain and not being able to fix it was the worst thing of all.

Life has thrown me some curve balls. And I keep forgetting to duck! lol What are you going to do? Sometimes I crawl into bed and hide and sometimes I am able to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

It is through the grace of God, through the good things He has put in my life, that I keep going. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't always read about kids in trouble, but I did read your post. Wonderfully done Marie-- as usual. I agree-- humankind can be the best and the worst of all that exists.

Marie said...

Tricia, I usually can't either! But this really caught my attention because of the impact this one mother's blog has made all around the world. Incredible! Amazing what this medium can do.

He is doing better today, by the way. :)

Margo said...

So glad to hear he's doing better. Thanks for telling this story. Hugs...

Marie said...

Thanks Margo! Thanks for being here. :)

Erin said...

Im sorry to hear about your husband. My daughter is also a cardiac baby.

Marie said...

Thank you Erin. I am so glad you are here.

How is your daughter doing? I am going to post some pictures of Elizabeth, hopefully to encourage moms of other children with health issues. :)