Sunday, April 5, 2009

To My Oh So Patient Friends

There is a wonderful blog written by the CEO of a major hospital in Boston. It's mission of ethics and transparency are inspiring in this day of health care bedlam.

It recently hosted Grand Rounds, a revolving blog carnival of posts pertinent to that week's health care subject. This week it will be hosted by another great blog, Getting Closer to Myself.

This is read by many medical professionals. I have a possible opportunity to share my story of developing MS on the site and I think it is important to go for it. I think it is essential for health care providers to have an understanding of the impact a chronic disease diagnosis has on a patient's life. And how their approach can make such a difference.

So I beg your indulgence in posting yet another essay about MS, which even I am getting sick of hearing about. lol



Jane Turley said...

Yes, go for it Marie. You will do a great job. It's difficult to write about illness with humour but you can, so I've no doubt that you'll go down a storm. Good luck!

Marie said...

Jane, you are the BEST!! {{hug}} Hope all is well.