Friday, April 17, 2009

A Long Time...But Went So Fast

Thirty two years ago today, I became a mother. I have to say, it was the happiest day of my life.

My sweet baby boy is a grown man now. Married. A lawyer even. (You know I had to squeeze that in, what kind of mother would I be other wise?!?!)

Along with my other children, he has given me the most precious, golden seconds, minutes, hours of pure joy. Watching him grow, watching his personality develop has been a gift from God. He was always a little serious, but can be incredibly funny. His smile, his laugh still lifts my heart. Will always do so.

Thank you, Ryan, for being my son. I love you.



schnider_am said...

The time does go by fast. All though mine are only 5 and 2 1/2 but it seems like I just had a little baby yesterday.

Marie said...

Treasure every second! The next thing you know, they'll be sleeping on your couch with big hairy man legs and feet hanging out of the covers. lol

Unknown said...

we know that feeling around here. This year Mary-Claire turned 18, James will be 21 and I (gasp) will be 50! Now Susan's getting broody -

Margo said...

Happy birthday to you and to Ryan. You obviously are a wonderful mother. with my girls 13 and 16 I can literally feel the time go faster and faster in the past few years... truly strange, but we're trying to appreciate every moment :)

Marie said...

Andy: It is so nice to see you here!! Thanks for stopping by.

Eighteen and twenty one are such milestones. Isn't time amazing? The kids keep getting older, but we stay EXACTLY THE SAME!! lol

Fifty, schmifty, it is only a number. You are still that young charmer that swept S. off her feet. I know, because she says so all the time. :)

Margo: Thanks for your kind words. Being a mother is all I ever wanted to be. It has been the best job possible.

It is hard to appreciate every moment. I had a wise friend say to me once, the days can be long but the years go fast. That is especially true when you have little ones, I think! But each age is special.

Agnes said...

Oh my, this was such a sweet post :-)

Dennis said...

now, you see your kids who are already grown up into a responsible citizen of the society and i'm sure you are a very proud one..

I salute you ma'am for raising your kids well..