Sunday, March 1, 2009


When I started my blog I was certain of the direction I was going: straight back to a size ten.

I would keep our collective spirits up with tips and pep talks. I would crow my successes to the world!

What an ass.

The more I wrote, the more fun I had with both my writing and the responses I was getting. And I discovered something interesting. Pontificate: No responses. Make myself and everyone else laugh: Multiple responses.

I am not a big one for change. My first and only logos have been books. What else was I going to use for illustrations? Fat?

However, as my life has evolved over this past year, as my confidence has grown (OMG! I have TWENTY FIVE FOLLOWERS!), I decided I wanted my little pictures to be more of an accurate reflection of what we are all about. Not the royal 'we', but the we who create the interactions here. Without you there would be no me. (I can already see my therapist having a field day with THAT one.)

Plus, a man at another blog made fun of people who have logos that don't match their content. And he used REAL examples. Scary!! If someone made fun of my blog to my face I think I would have to be hospitalized. Sedated at the very least. Hey, maybe I said my confidence had grown, but I had a low starting point.

So, I made myself a new logo. I really like it. It is more 'me' than ever before.

P.S. Those of you who get my posts by e-mail (thank you for that!), check out the new heading by going to the blog site.


manju said...

Very nice, Marie. Love the new 'you'!

Anonymous said...

I like the new header and I like the fact that you have gained confidence. Now if you have just a speck extra, I could sure use it.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one - living, laughing, whining - it does fit in :) Hey, I see you have 35 in Google reader. So you may have more than you think. Did you know that only 1% of subscribers/readers leave comments?

Lady Christie said...

Very nice header. I am glad you gained confidence. Like I always tell myself just be who you are!!