Monday, March 9, 2009

A Lovely Gift

One of the blogs I read is Caregiving Daughter. This blog is written by a woman with her own growing family. When her mother became less able to care for herself and developed signs of dementia, this daughter generously moved her mom into her home.

She writes about the struggles but those stories are well balanced with everyday joys and successes involving the whole family. It is a demonstration of love and selflessness told with gentleness, simplicity and humility.

This lovely woman has given me an award!

She says:

This award is to recognize blogs that are about making the best out of difficult situations. When life gives these bloggers lemons, they just add a little sugar, stir it up, and make some great lemonade. Has life got you down? Then stop by these sites for some thirst-quenching lemonade for the soul.

And mine is one of them!! Here is my award:

To be honest, I am a little embarrassed because my motto actually is when life give you lemons, ask for a refund. In my head my illustration would look a little more like this:

But I gratefully accept her kind words and sweet award.

I want to check out the other blogs she cites, so here they are as well. Some I have visited, and they are great. For the others, they must be worth a peek. I believe I am in VERY good company.

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Everyone's Family

Beating ED

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Moments of My Life

Forever Family


The Mother said...

Love the new logo. That's exactly how I feel on any given day!

Congrats on your award. I don't have any handicap or other problem, and I barely make it on a daily basis. You rock.

Marie said...

Your comment couldn't come at a better time! After an emotional afternoon dealing with family BS, your words have really given me a boost.

Thank you!!

Proud Mom said...

Marie, Again you've managed to twist my ugly mood into a giggle. I adore your lemonade motto. I swear to whatshisname that is how I feel most of the time when I struggle with something or other (damn you, Pessimism!).

This award is more than well deserved. You are truly an inspiration to me and all of those out there who would rather pull the covers over their heads and pout about their misfortunes.

Consider yourself hugged.

(By the way, how very very sweet you are to plug my blog. I only hope that I touch as many souls as you have.)