Sunday, March 15, 2009


I feel absolutely fine today. Like a normal human being.

It did not take me ten minutes to get out of bed while I laboriously unkinked my spastic limbs and found my balance. That was my first clue that something was…right. I am not groaning (openly or silently) with every move. Nothing overtly hurts, dizziness is not causing reverberations throughout my body with every movement, I can get up and out of a chair without Herculean effort. I feel like…dare I say it... a well person!

I am giddy with the sheer bliss of it. That I am living a day without being reminded every second I am really, really sick. And yet I cannot fully enjoy it because I keep wondering when is it going to stop and I will go back to what I was just yesterday.

Perhaps I was abducted by aliens during the night? Not to be greedy, but while they were at it, couldn’t they have made me thin too?


Margo said...

What a nice honest post. I hope you are enjoying feeling better today and that it continues! I think many with chronic illness can relate to your feelings.

Proud Mom said...

Those of us who live each day with good health often take this blessing for granted. I'm happy that you feel good today, albeit still pleasingly plump.

The Mother said...

Enjoy your fine day!

As we all get older and feel more aches and pains, this is a great lesson.

Oh, and the thinner thing? That really wouldn't be asking too much.Feel free to be greedy. I give you permission.

Marie said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Margo: My heart aches for those with chronic illnesses. Ironically, I still don't put myself in that category!

Proud Mom: Oy, pleasingly plump?!?! Yeah, if you want to serve me to a family of 50. lol I have to get a grip before I explode.

Mother: Thank you! I agree, being greedy is highly underrated. Next time, I am hitting those aliens up for The Works (except maybe any kind of...probing. I'll give that a pass).