Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Tube Meme

I read a number of blogs on a regular basis. There is so much talent out there it is just amazing.

One of my favorites is (I am going to have to learn how to make nice little connections in my text, but right now this is the best I can do.)

Kate, who writes the blog, is a smart and funny young woman who I would be proud to have as a daughter. She is a physician and her compassion shines through in her postings. She is going to do awesome things.

Anyway, Kate’s latest posting was a Top Five You Tube Videos meme. Kate invited people to pick it up and I thought it sounded like fun. So here are mine:

Lakme/The Flower Song

I loved this way before British Airways (ruined it) appropriated it for their adverts.

Funny Hymn

My friend Michael sent me this and it makes me laugh every time I watch it. I will never be able to sing this hymn in church again with a straight face. Thank goodness we don't sing it that often. It will be like being in church on Good Friday and having “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” go through your head over and over. Yeah, the giggles in church on Good Friday. A sure fire way to take the highway to hell.

Pavarotti/Nessun Dorma

I agonized over this or Pavarotti singing Che gelida manina from La Boheme. I know he became somewhat of a caricature towards the end, but oh my God, that voice. Nessun Dorma won.

Woody Allen/Love & Death

Love and Death is one of my favorite movies. It is so goofy and funny. This is the first ten minutes. Do yourself a favor and rent it.


What more can I say!?!?! Jersey Girl is awesome live, but there’s nothing like Rosalita. Gotta love Bruce. Especially when you live in Bruce Country. :)

Can you imagine having that many people just adore you?!?!

Anyone else want to play? It is really hard to pick only five. Let me know if you join in so I can check out yours too.

Hmmm, that sounds a tad salacious. Not quite what I intended...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the meme I started. I love the hymn one. In the beginning of it, the two rocks in front of the church look like hands giving the finger.

Marie said...

Isn't that hilarious?! I laugh every time I watch that video.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Patti said...

Marie, I have to say it is so nice to drop by and see your latest posting. It is a great sign that perhaps your life is finally settling down!

My life is has now become insane - mom now needs dialysis, and the evil MIL struck again too. But my life was so quiet for so long while you I guess it's my turn in the barrel.

Anyway, I hear a different tone in your voice, and I swear I do think you have turned the corner! :)

DK said...

Awwwww, thanks for the kind words!!

Excellent choices!

Marie said...

Patti, as I said in our marathon e-mail exchange, I don't WANT you to have a turn in the barrel. I don't want any of us to have a turn in the barrel for that matter. Shit, we have been though so much, someone needs to split that f'ing barrel into pieces already. I am praying for you. I forgot to tell you that. :)

And Kate, I could not say enough good things about you. Except I didn't want you to think I was some kind of weirdo. lol I'm glad you like my picks. I could have chosen 100, not five!