Monday, July 28, 2008

Living To Tell the Tale

I have survived. And feel quite sheepish about the fuss I kicked up.

It wasn’t exactly fun, I will say that. But it wasn’t the horror show I was anticipating.

Things I hated:

  • I had to get undressed down to the skin. Honestly. For one eye. I didn’t even have to do that for my shoulder surgery.
  • My wrists were bound with gauze and tethered to the operating table, so I wouldn’t touch the sterile field. As if. It was NOT a good feeling.
  • I wanted to be sedated to the extent that he could tell me he was sewing my eyelid to my chin and I would offer to help. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. :( (But it was enough to get the job done.)
  • Before the surgery, they wrote on my forehead with marker, in large letters, over each eye. “C” for correct and “W” for wrong. I felt as though a sizzling brand had been applied. I know it was done for safety. And that's a good thing. But add this to the fact that I was naked under a hospital gown, had a disposable surgical cap over my hair and had no makeup on, the cringe factor was very high indeed.

Things I liked:

  • The staff was super kind, friendly and professional, to a person.
  • The surgery center was very nice.
  • It was over quickly, in just a little more than an hour.

Dr. M., my eye surgeon, was teaching someone about the procedure while he was doing it (he literally wrote the book). So I learned a lot. Actually, more than I ever wanted to know. :)

I now look like one side of a prize fighter. Not even black and blue. Just black and swollen, with lovely blood red for decorative touches.

But it is done. And my eyelids should be symmetrical now, with the right ones functioning properly. I hope I don’t sound hideously vain. It really was a reconstructive surgery.

I am lucky and grateful.


Da Old Man said...

Sounds like it was overall a success.

Glad all went well.

Marie said...

Thanks! What a relief to have it over.

DK said...

Well, you know, if you're going to get cut on, get the man who wrote the book!

Glad it went well. And glad it's over!!

You should spend the next couple of days going out, and when people as you what happened, just smirk and say, "You should've seen the other guy!"

Marie said...

Not only did he write the book, but he is a really nice man. At the end of the surgery, he is the one who washed the marker and betadine and blood off my face rather than a nurse, and he apologized for scrubbing too hard because the betadine was hard to get off.

As far as going out, I thought of this as my first response to questions:

"My eye? There's something wrong with my eye?!?!"


And then using your idea. lol

janet said...

so glad that it is over, and all is well. Do you think that while i'm away on vacation you can maybe just maybe stay out of the hospital, have no more surgeries and generally try to have a dull life for awhile?? Just try getting up and having a few old boring days for a bit, OK??? lol

Marie said...

From your mouth to God's ears Janet!!

Have a super vacation! xoxo

janet said...

thanks, i hope to Marie......we're off to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for 10 days......and i can't wait. please do behave while i'm away, i don't want to sign on and find you have had any new excitement while i've been away......

Paul Burman said...

Congratulations, Marie. This sounds like a horrible ordeal, but you not only got through it but hopefully learnt how resilient you are. Anticipation is probably the worst thing. I would have spent a lot of time trying to work out what C and W stood for and worrying they'd get it wrong!

Marie said...

Paul, I NEVER would have known if they didn't tell me as they were doing it. lol

Thank God I couldn't see myself. I must have made quite the picture. I know they are used to it, but I'M not!!! lol

Jessica said...

I'm glad it went well! When are you going to have a boring life, staying out of the hospital ? :)

Marie said...

Well Jessica, if it weren't for my misadventures I would have no adventures at all and this would be quite the boring blog! lol

Although I could do with a stretch of boring for awhile.