Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some Things Going On

Dr. Wonderful

Met with Dr. Wonderful this week to check on my shoulder. I was delighted to demonstrate my prowess in doing things like…touching the top of my head. He appeared to be delighted as well. And he told me not once, not twice, but THREE times that I looked good. GOOD. With a big smile. No back pedaling. I was quite pleased.

As a matter of fact, about a dozen different people told me I looked good this week. Or even ‘great’. It has been very cool. Although it has left me wondering if there is an epidemic of poor eyesight going around. Hmmm...

Wedding Preparations

Ordered my dress for my son’s wedding. The Herman Melville special, as in Moby Dick, THE GREAT WHITE WHALE. I am dreading trying it on as I have lost two pounds total. Probably in my earlobes. Oy.

So desperate times call for desperate measures and Mary Kate and I are both starting…dunt dunt dunnnnn…Slim Fast tomorrow. Nourish shmourish, I just want to be thin again.


My best friend, my sister and my therapist are all either away or going away this week. Oy. I am already decompensating.

Another Operation

I am having surgery next Monday to correct a problem on the eye I lost when I was a child. I am a little nervous about it, especially since ALL MY SUPPORT SYSTEMS WILL BE AWAY. Traitors. :(

Oh, I'm just kidding. They are the best people in the world and no one deserves a break more than they do.

The surgery will affect my appearance, theoretically for the better, by improving the function of the lids on that eye. But it's a little scary to think of something going wrong that would be so visible. My eye surgeon is supposed to be the best in New Jersey and he is very, very nice. I do trust him.

But God knows I don't want Dr. Wonderful to have to say next time he sees me, "You look...hmm...just so-so."


Da Old Man said...

I wish you all the best in your surgery.

I don't know your exact situation, but as far as looking for a job, have you considered substituite teaching?

Pays pretty well, and all that is needed in NJ is 60 college credits, and a county certificate. The certificate takes a couple months to acquire, but you should have it by September. Most districts pay 75 to 100 bucks a day. I did it for a year, and never did any teaching, really. Pretty much just handed out papers for the regular teacher and made sure the kids were relatively well behaved.

The Bunny Maker said...

glad i've found your blog! it makes me feel cosy - like I need to curl up and read it on the sofa - like a friendly book.
i'm going to blogroll you!

Marie said...

Joe, that is a great suggestion. I did do substitute teaching years ago, but didn't think of it now. However, I was offered something today (AAAGGGHHHH!!!) that I am just about to post on, so it looks like it won't be neccesary!

Anna, thanks so much for your lovely comment!! I am so flattered! I'm glad you found me too and vice versa. :)

Salted Fibres said...

Wooo, isn't it interesting how we can meet quite (apparently) randomly, yet have lots of things in common?

I know all about buying posh tents to wear for special ocassions, so I can sympathise totally - for each of the four kids' graduations I tried to lose weight and didnt manage it. I dont look at the photos too much!
But I have finally got my act together to lose weight seriously because arthritis is setting in, and it seems the single most effective way to reduce the stiffness is losing weight :(

Oh well!

We have a wedding this year too - but not until December, so maybe I will be as thin as thin by then! *Deep sigh.*

Lots and lots of luck and hugs for your eye surgery - it IS scary to think about people messing with your face. Be brave, sounds like you have a great doctor!

Great to hear you are going back to work again - very well done, hope it al goes peachy :)

Marie said...

That is a perfect description, Helen. I have bought a posh tent. lol It arrived yestereday and, woo hoo, is too big on top. I will wait a few weeks to have it altered because I am finally losing some weight. But wouldn't you know I cannot exercise after the surgery!!! It is always something! I think I can walk, though. So I will get one of my sticks and tool around the neighborhood.

I'll look forward to hearing about your wedding too!