Sunday, July 6, 2008

Talking Food

I have been back on track, mostly, with food that is good for me. Mr. Spickles supervises.

Of course after being on oxycontin and going without so much as a glass of wine for ten solid weeks, I did have to treat myself to a martini. Ok, two. Hey, vodka is made from potatoes. It was a vegetable.

I have this for breakfast most days:

Special K, a banana, some pecans and blueberries. It is around 350 calories, it’s super easy, it tastes really good and it fills me up. So sometimes I have it for lunch too. Then I have a piece of chicken and salad for dinner. So far I’ve lost two pounds.

But Fourth of July morning, the blueberries started complaining and said they would much rather be wrapped up in something really high calorie that would require slathering with butter. So I made these:

Blueberry scones.

Excuse me, have YOU ever tried to argue with a blueberry?!?! I thought not.


Maaike said...

Hi Marie, just doing some reciprocal dropping by :-)

Perhaps you can instruct Mr Spickles to tackle the blueberries for you? My two cats unfortunately only like their own food; I even tried feeding them fresh salmon, but they look quite disgusted. Perhaps they're vegetarian :-)

Marie said...

Hi Maaike,

Poor Mr. Spickles is rather timid. I'm afraid even a blueberry might be beyond him. But I love him anyway.

I have two cats as well. I could have 100, but I control myself.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Helen McGlasson said...

Marie, it is lovely to meet you and your family!
Thank you for finding me first, and leaving a comment.
I don't have as much time available as I might like for finding other good blogs, so I especially appreciate you finding me :)
As for those blueberries - Ive been thinking about growing some, as I eat quite a lot of them too. Do you think a whole bushful might be a bit, you know, mouthy??

Marie said...

Welcome Helen! Thanks so much for stopping by.

A bushelful of blueberries!!! Oh my! That could be quite a cacophony!! lol

Unless of course, you do exactly as they say. :)

Jane Turley said...

Mmmmmm..those blueberry scones look well tasty! What was that stuff in the bowl though?

Marie said...

And Jane I can tell you, those scones were deee-lish!!!!

As for the healthy breakfast, sigh, it really is good. But not as good as buttered scones. Double sigh.