Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Beef Tip

Because I am a healthcare professional, I am authorized to give you this little tip:

If the label on the chopped meat says “Use By Jul 10”, do not sniff it, shrug your shoulders and use it on Jul 12.

A boo-boo belly will result.



rani said...

You actually did this? How are you today? Hope your stomach has recovered.

I've used things after their 'use by' date by mistake sometimes, but because it was vegetarian stuff, it didn't matter so much.


Marie said...

Well, Rani, now I want to say, "OF COURSE I didn't actually do this!! How silly!" lol

I'm really ok, just a brief, little stomach ache. :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, I did that too, "vegetarian stuff". I was hungry and didn't think about the date. It took 4-5 days for my stomach to recover. That was a painful lesson. Never again :)

jamie said...

Is it ok if the meat has been frozen?? Just wondering? :)

Marie said...

Oh, yes, Jamie, if it's been frozen and you use it as soon as you defrost it you will be fine.

Dopey me bought it fresh, left it in the refrigerator too long because I forgot I had it and then used it after it's 'use by' date.