Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Filmmaking Attempt

It is kind of dark, but it was three o'clock in the morning after all.

This is what I am doing instead of a million other things I should be doing. Like sleeping.

I am losing it. I really need to get back to work. I NEED A JOB!! Somebody? Anybody?!?

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PattiCake said...

Marie, you're killing me here. I laughed out loud. Really. Your credits at the end were priceless.

Full disclosure - I could not tell which end was which until she picked her head up. Hey - it WAS dark, and I know the dog has a fluffy tail. :)

Yeah, I wouldn't count on her for any personal protection - but hey, she is CUTE!

Jane Turley said...

Dear God Marie, I concur - you most definitely do need a job! I think all your readers must join forces and pray for the perfect job to come your way - I simply can't stomach the thought of a sequel of close ups of poochy doing a number 2 in the back garden!!

Muffie said...

Too, too funny! You gotta love their innocence, though, and the fact that they can sleep so easily. Sorry you can't do the same. Yes, many of us need to get back in the workfore to preserve our sanity!

Pricilla said...

I think I need a nap now...

The Mother said...

With all that hair, how could anyone figure out which end is which?

Jen said...

Speilberg would be proud.

Yes, you need a job and sadly film making is probably not going to be it for you.

Dirty Butter said...

Thanks for the laugh! And no, I couldn't tell which end was which at first, either.

On a more serious note, we have an out of work daughter, so I can feel for your situation. I pray you find a job soon.

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Anonymous said...

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