Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Give Away

New layout for the newly cool autumn days. My favorite.

Congratulations to The Mother of the wonderful, always fascinating blog, The Mother’s Handbook. (I am so jealous of her fantastic logo!). She has won my little hanging banner announcing Autumn.

Thank you to her and to all of you readers. Especially thank you for your wise and warm comments.

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Webster said...

I like your new design. Autumn is lovely with all it's wonderful colors and smells.

Marie said...

Thanks Webster! I love fooling around with the layout.

Jen said...

I love The Mother's blog, though I haven't gotten over there lately. She is so smart and so wise, often when I am about to do something stupid for my kids I think what would the mother think of this, and usually I make the right decision.

Love the new look.

Marie said...

Me too Jen!! I think I am older than she is, but she is so much more mature!!!