Monday, June 23, 2008

Bye, George

Oh, George Carlin. Sigh. The comic idol of my youth. He inspired me to be funny. I cannot believe there will be no new laugh out loud observations on the absurdities of our culture.

I didn’t love the Seven Words stuff but I know he was really proud of that work and the impact it made.

I did love the everyday humor that was so relatable.

He was a latch key kid who frequently, because he was a kid, was latch-key-less. For which his poor mother would subsequently tan his hide. (Can you imagine being George Carlin’s single mother? Equal parts laughter and tearing your hair out.) All Catholic kids know that St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. George did a hilarious bit on losing his house key for the millionth time. He knows he’s going to get it, so he’s frantic. He prays to St. Anthony, finally saying, “God, if you see St. Anthony, would you please tell him I’VE GOT TO FIND MY KEYS!”

On the difference between Baseball and Football: In football you wear a helmet. In baseball you wear a cap. Football is concerned with downs. Baseball is concerned with ups.

Here it is:

And driving. Being stuck behind a little old lady for miles going about 15 miles an hour with her turn signal on. At first it appears no one is actually driving the car. But no, he says, I definitely see knuckles on the steering wheel.

And pets: Remember, every time you buy a pet, you’re purchasing a small tragedy.

And of course, my compadre, the Class Clown. (Are any of you surprised? I was passing notes to make people laugh in graduate school.)

Funny stuff. Funny guy.

Thanks, George.


livelife365 said...

Nice post.
George was an original. I remember watching him host the very first SNL--I feel old! He will be missed, but his legacy will endure...a good thing.


Marie said...

Thanks, Mike. I remember that night too. I was in college. You feel old? I AM old! lol

And how cool did you feel watching that first show? It was SO different.

George was an original. Lucky us.