Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Thing That Happened While I Was Broken

Team Cooper did the Belmar MS Walk and we raised over $3000! The Walk was 6 days after my surgery and so I power-chaired it. That was kind of a bummer because I hate feeling like a crippled person. Even if I am a crippled person.

But on the plus side, the chair enabled me to keep up with my team and enjoy their company instead of what I usually do, which is sit on a bench twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to get back.

It was a nice day but the wind was whipping, so it did start to feel cold on the boardwalk after a while. But we had a great time!!

Yay team!!!!


Anonymous said...


Congratulartions on raising $ 3000/-!

Only six days after your surgery. You must have still been in a lot of pain! Don't feel bad about using the power chair. I'm impressed that you went at all!


Jessica said...

wow, you're super! I don't know where you get such strength, only after 6 days of surgery.