Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Gee whiz, this work thing really gets in the way of your personal life!!

Between work and wedding and physical therapy three times a week, I have no time for anything.

But here are a few things that have been on my mind.


I got a new prosthesis this week. This always makes me cranky and unhappy. It reminds me of all the things that could have been and of what I don’t have. This is usually something I try not to think about too much. But at a time like this, denial, my good and faithful lifelong companion, deserts me. Reality is unavoidable.

I have big green eyes. A few years ago, the ocularist who was making my prosthesis remarked I had beautiful eyes. I thanked him politely but cringed. I wanted to say “You mean I may have had beautiful eyes. I could have had beautiful eyes. I did have beautiful eyes.”

But not anymore.

It just makes me sad.

Living Alone

I am currently living alone for the first time in my life. It is blissful.

I had one 23 year old parasite I mean child still living with me until 3 weeks ago. We had a serious, civilized discussion and she organized herself and moved out as a responsible adult.


In my dreams.

What really happened is she ignored me the day of my eye surgery, went out that night in my car and left me alone for the whole night, let my indoor cats out by leaving a door open and committed various and sundry other passive/aggressive insults to my existence.

So I calmly explained to her why this was a problem for me and how she was exceeding my boundaries.


In my dreams.

What really happened is I had a lunatic, maniacal melt down and did an imitation of the kid in The Exorcist, complete with head spinning and levitation. I think I spoke in tongues too. Because after a while it wasn't even English anymore, just shrieking, incoherent gibberish.

So she is now living with a friend and all are happy. Well, I actually don’t know if all are happy.

But I sure am.


IV Solumedrol, which I have been given multiple times to treat out of control MS symptoms, has many terrible side effects. Osteoporosis, kidney damage and diabetes are all things that it can cause with repeated use.

So what is my concern about this powerful steroid? Excessive facial hair.

Last night I dreamt that dozens of bristly little hairs burst out all over my chin and face and no matter how many times I plucked them, more kept popping up. It was horrible.

What can I say, I’m shallow. A hairy chinny chin chin is a fate worse than death.


Anonymous said...

well, i can relate to the kid thing, as i have my own parasite er, i mean kid that is currently putting me over the edge....but i've yet to get her to leave. And honey, my nickname became wiskers, everyone else thought it was cute.....i didn't. I didn't care that i may one day need hip replacement because of my excessive roid usage, my big concern was that i was going to need a daily shave!! I can so relate, but eventually the facial hair fell out......but it was hell for awhile there, pure hell. Hang in there

Marie said...

Hi Janet!!! It's so good to hear from you!! How are you feeling?

I'm sorry you have a para...I mean kid too. Try The Exorcist thing. It's what finally worked for me. That and threatening to throw all her possessions out the window. lol

And I'm SO sorry about the you-know-what on your face!! I'm glad it's gone. The nickname thing was awful!!! I don't actually have any yet, but I live in fear of them emerging. Apparantly I sleep in fear too!! lol

I'm so glad you stopped by1! Keep in touch.


Da Old Man said...

This post cracked me up today. I know it was painful on some levels, but when we can laugh at our misfortunes, it gets us through the day.

Isn't it something how we beat ourselves up sometimes?

Sorry life gets in the way of living at times.

Have a laugh today. Read some humor blogs, and remember, it could be worse~~ you could be living in Philadelphia.

Jane Turley said...

You only DREAMT about facial hair?? Boy, are you lucky.....

Marie said...

Excellent advice Joe!!! Just what I needed to hear. Cover your eyes for the next bit, it's girly stuff.

Oh Jane, not you too?!?! What the fuck? It's bad enough we have to deal with, well, you know, for our childbearing years, but then to end up with whiskers when all that nonsense is done?!?!?!

There is NO justice in this world.

Jane Turley said...

I've pulled out enough bloody hairs to stuff a pillow. Huh. Now I can feel a deep depression coming on which can only be avoided by wanton abuse of a large bar of chocolate.

Anonymous said...

How do you manage to be such a real person! You're so refreshing. I do not have the parasite kid thing, but often think of what it must have been like for my parents to have me at home until I was finished with college and getting married ( when I was 28). To be fair, I was a good kid, but I still think they had nerves of steal to put up with another adult living in the house with them with her own ways of wanting to run things and her growing collection of vintage dishes in their cupboard!! Thank you mas and pas throughought the world!

Salted Fibres said...

oh no, not the hairy chin dream....that's tough after a hard day.