Monday, December 27, 2010


New Jersey is buried under about a foot and a half of snow this morning, which is routine in many parts of the world but is a stop-the-presses event here at the Shore. This is silly, because a) snow happens in winter, b) snow slows down transportation, c) lots of snow slows things down A LOT and 4) only idiots go out in the snow unnecessarily. None of this is news.

My front steps

From my front door, looking east, 12 blocks from the ocean

My side yard

The patio and part of the garage

Car abandoned last night by some knucklehead smack in the middle of the intersection

More patio and garage

The trellis on the patio

I love the snow and really enjoyed my snow day. I did all the things I used to do when the kids were little (minus getting them dressed and undressed for the snow 1200 times over the course of the day!). I baked bread, I made a cute, cuddly flannel patchwork blanket for the new baby, made a pot of soup and I read. Unfortunately, except for the reading, I completely overdid it and was a crippled wreck by 7 p.m. But at least I have something to show for it.


I recently found evidence that a mouse had been in the house. But no worries, I have cats!!

Yes, that is the kitchen counter. Sorry, I have no standards anymore.

As for our visitor? Not another sign. I think they were probably disgusted by the lack of a challenge.

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Anji said...

The blanket looks beautiful.

I remember hundreds (it seemed like hundreds)of wet gloves drying out all over the kitchen when the children were small.

Your cats look so laid back.

Pricilla said...

Very pretty blanket. You have more snow than I have.

Global climate change? Nah!

My hubby claims that well fed cats don't hunt.

Marie said...

Anji: Thanks! Oh, remember those days?!?! Gloves, socks, scarves all in various stages of drying. So you think the cats look laid back?!?! lol Any more laid back and they would be deceased. lol

Pricilla: More snow that you?!?! Ok, maybe that's news. I've added pictures. It is really pretty. Well fed, over indulged, indolent cats clearly do not hunt. lol

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


The Mother said...

Another excellent reason to stock up on groceries before the holidays (besides the obvious one, anyway). We here in well above zero land are awed.

Marie said...

TM: Hi! Oh, you have no idea what it has been like being trapped in the house with my 9 month pregnant daughter, otherwise known as The Eating Machine. lol (And she's only gained 10 pounds!)

Even though we have massive quantities of food on hand, every few hours she clutches her chest and says "We don't have enough food!! I know it!!" lol

Just fingers crossed that she doesn't go into labor before we are dug out. Our street has not even been plowed once yet, a good 30 hours since the storm began.

The official snowfall amount has come in at 24 inches.

Dirty Butter said...

The baby blanket is beautiful, and yes, your cats look just as lazy as ours. Except we have 2 that spend their days outside. Now THEY know how to hunt!

Kitchen counters?? That's my line, but each to their own.

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Marie said...

DB: Thanks! Glad you like the blanket! My cats are soooo spoiled! And if someone comes over I pretend I am scandalized by them being on the counter. lol

Dana said...

I really love your snow pictures. It makes me think about how silent the air is when there has been a massive snowfall. It is a great buffer for noise. The other aspect I thoroughly enjoy about the aftermath of a snowstorm is how the snow hides any flaws. I can look out my window and not see the ugly hole in the ground I neglected to fill after removing a dead shrub earlier in the year. It is like a wonderful cover and cleanser all in one.

Your quilt is to die for! I love it. What a splendid way to spend a storm day. Productivity at its highest! Marie, you must pat yourself on the back for not only being a wonderful writer but an incredible quilter as well. I can only imagine how wonderful your home must have smelled with the bread baking!!

All my fav things wrapped into one day. Does it get any better?

Marie said...

Dana, that is definitely one of the nice things about snow, how it dresses everything up. And that sense of being wrapped up too. It does muffle all those extraneous sounds.

Thanks for the kind words about the quilt! Which actually I haven't quilted, I just pieced it and decided to leave it be. I didn't even use batting, it is just the two layers of flannel and that is so warm by itself (as you well know!!). I never made one before with just a random placement like that, but I am happy with it.

Yes, I felt very virtuous indeed with all my homely activities. And my daughter was so encouraging. She came in the kitchen where the dough was rising and said "Ugh, it smells like feet in here!" lol

Thanks so much for your comments, Dana!