Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Around this time last year I read about a project that was being launched by two young men in Chicago. Their idea was to invite 365 people to write about a little slice of their life, one for each day of 2010. The essays were limited to 365 words and kept to observations related to their specific day.

I applied, was accepted to be one of the participants and was assigned the date of December 24. So here is the site, you just have to scroll down for my essay:

We were invited to include a photo as well. With my usual tendency to be out of control, I took 63 pictures of my living room. And then, of course, couldn’t decide which one to use. This is a worldwide project! I couldn’t use the one that shows the bare patch on the back of the sofa where the cats have sharpened their claws for nine years. I couldn’t use the one that shows the flaws in the woodwork. This one made the living room look too long and skinny. That one made it look like it was ridiculously over-decorated. Should I have lit a fire in the fireplace?!? And on and on and …

Good thing you were not ruled out of the project for being certifiably insane.

At any rate, there may be a book resulting. But even if there is not, it was an honor to be part of it. The stories by the other writers are wonderful, simple vignettes about lives all over the world.

They are currently taking applications for the 2011 project. I would highly recommend taking part, or at least following the essays. It is such a great reminder of how unique we all are and yet have so much in common as human beings.

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Dana said...

Marie, thank you for brining my attention to this wonderful project. I love great minds that work in a positive manner!

Marie said...

I am so glad you are a reader Dana!! You leave such wonderful comments. Thank you.

It is so interesting to read about all these other people. I love how an essay by a middle aged woman in New Jersey (me :) ) is sandwiched in between an Israeli student and an Indian woman in the UK. To me this emphasizes the bond of our humanity.

Jane Turley said...

A beuatifully written yet sad piece on 365 which brought tears to my eyes Marie:(

I can't add much else - except if it's any consolation I got the shits on Chistmas Day.

Marie said...

Oh Jane, my sweet friend, OF COURSE that is no consolation!! That is horrible, you poor thing. I hope you're feeling better.

Thanks for your kind words. xoxo

Jane Turley said...

I am feeling much better Marie. Thank you:)

Re - your comment about collaborating one day I wonder if you would like to write a piece for my blog? Very possibly about ...dieting. I am just about to embark on a diet and feel your imput would be well received and probably very funny:) I will email you anon!

Marie said...

Jane: Yes, yes and YES!!!!

Oy, but does it have to be about dieting?!?! I've gained another 3 stone this year alone. :( From medicine and inactivity. My daughter eats three times as much as I. She's gained 10 pounds with her pregnancy.

There is no justice in this world.

I'll look forward to talking to you soon!!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Marie -- What a great piece, though it tugged at my heart strings. I'm sorry things progress the way they do. But you have wonderful memories, past and current, to sustain you. And a loving family to boot!

You picked a good picture :)

p.s. Jane's comment made me laugh (but Jane, hope you're better now!)

Marie said...

Kathy: Thanks so much for your generous words about my essay! And I'm glad you like the picture. I should post the other 62 now. lol

Jane's comment made me laugh too, although I felt terrible for her.

I hope the three of you, Dana, Jane and Kathy, consider writing for the 3Six5 project for 2011. You all (from different countries) have unique and wonderful perspectives. There are lots of dates open, you should drop them an e-mail.

Linda said...

Your essay was filled with sweetness, sadness and longing. Still, it sounds as though you had an enjoyable Christmas. I was reading another blog whose author also has MS. Here is her link:

Not sure how to make it clickable here, but you can cut and paste.

Happy New Year! Blessings for 2011.

Marie said...

What a joy to discover your blog Marie. I might never have found it if you hadn't left a comment on my Repost Yourself! forum - and look what I would have missed out on - great humor and great writing! I shall certainly be following you in the coming year and look forward to getting to know some more about you. From one Marie to another - Happy New Year!

Marie said...

Linda: Thank you so much!! I really did have a nice Christmas, despite the sadness.

Thanks for that link as well. I will check it out.

Marie: Welcome and thanks for your kind words! I look forward to getting to know you as well.

Jane Turley said...

Please please tell me your daughter is only 2 months pregnant!!A mere 10lbs is a totally OBSCENE weight gain for a pregancy - I put on nearly 4 stone in my first and watched my weight like a hawk in the other two preganancies and still gained 2+ stones each time!! As you say, there is absolutely no justice in this world!

You can write about whatever you want Marie- I look forward to seeing what you come up with:))