Friday, February 5, 2010


I owe my readers an apology. It seems I have been inadvertently scaring the pants off of people, or just plain irritating them, by blasting Bruce Springsteen singing Born to Run.

When we went to his last concert in October, I did this fun slide show of our pictures, backed it up with Born to Run and posted it. I loved watching it, because I relived what a blast that night was each time.

Unfortunately, for many people, the music bursts out with no warning within a few seconds of pulling up my blog. SO obnoxious!!! It was supposed to only play if you clicked on it. My friend Christine told me it scared the bejesus out of her every time she went on. But I didn’t believe her. I mean I thought it was just a quirk in her computer.

Then I received a lovely, complimentary e-mail from a reader. At the end she graciously asks if she could adjust the music I have behind my blog.

But I don’t have any music behind my…uh oh.

So I apologize for being a blogger with bad manners, even though it wasn’t intended. I changed the slideshow into a link, so that should solve the problem (although it really is worth watching). Thanks for sticking with me even though I innocently broke the rules and annoyed the hell out of you.

Even Bruce agrees.



週休 said...
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Jane Turley said...

I had music on my blog for a while... but took it off too as I found it too disrupting, although there's always volume control! Btw... you must read my post

I think you'll like it!

StorytellERdoc said...

LOL...too funny a post. ONe of my best friends from college grew up in Holmdel, NJ and if I could deal with his blaring Bruce, I could have dealt okay with your website noise! Enjoy the weekend...

Marie said...

Jane: I just remember the music you had on that beautiful tribute to your mum. It was perfect and touching.

Love, love, LOVE the anecdote in your post. I have to get the name of the restaurant for the next time I'm in Dublin. (visit family regularly in Eire)

ER Doc: Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment!

Holmdel, eh? Practically around the corner from me, a stones throw from where Bruce lives. I am right here in Bruce Ground Zero: Asbury Park itself!! And surely you thrilled to every note your friend blared, I mean played. lol

interpretation of dreams said...

Never intend to upload music on my business website, though i had that in my minde. great post, by the way!