Saturday, February 20, 2010

And Around and Around and Around and Around….

Despite three surgeries, including, ultimately, a replacement, my shoulder has caused me unceasing, breathtaking pain since I fell, in March of 2008.

My orthopedic surgeon, my neurologist and my physical therapist have all been caring, supportive, and have offered as many potential solutions as they could. The pain management specialist was a Useless Wanker, but you already knew that. The steroids helped for a blissful few weeks, but the pain is creeping back.

We are all pretty much at the end of our ropes with frustration (except for the Useless Wanker, who didn't give a rat's ass). But now there is no consensus on what is causing the pain, which should have been relieved by the replacement.

The orthopedist says it is neurological. Go to the pain management specialist.

The pain management specialist (Useless Wanker!) says it is neurological. Go to the neurologist.

The neurologist says it is orthopedic. Go to the orthopedist.

I am going in circles.


(And mind that you don't cross me or you'll end up in my blog as a Useless Wanker. lol)



Suseo said...

Well, , darlin'.

My sister is a palliative care guru at Rochester--shall I see if she can recommend someone in your neck of the woods other than Useless Wanker?

I love that you capitalise the U and the W, making the title all Official-Like.


Marie said...

You know Suseo, I belatedly realized how disrespectful I was. It should have been DR. Useless Wanker. I lost my head for a bit there.


I will definitely keep your offer in mind and will be in touch. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. xoxo

beth5393 said...

Marie..three times was supposed to be the charm. Is there no justice in the world?

Patti-Cake said...

Marie, sweetie - all I can say is hang in there. I went through a hellish bout with pain, and I was tossed back and forth like a hot potato between my neuro and a neurosurgeon. I didn't have a 3rd doctor in the mix, and neither of the 2 I had quite reached Useless Wanker status....but they were both just throwing drugs at me in the hopes something would stick.

Lyrica and massage saved my ass.

I'm not saying either of those are what you need. All I can really say is that I hear you. Hell, I can practically feel you. I want to make it better for you. :(

Hang in there sweetie.

Pricilla said...

There are good pain doctors out there. I found the ones at Cooper with one major exception to be exceptional.

The one exception was a useless wanker. He came to get me as I was reading the paper, the comics to be exact. He then dressed me down that perhaps I was in pain because I was not reading Joyce and I should do something more useful with my time.

I told him to do something more useful with his degree. My husband wrote a 4 page - 4 PAGE - letter of complaint to the head of Cooper. The next time we went in Dr. A. Hole was politeness himself but we refused to see him. We demanded another doctor and they gave us one.

I wish I could remember names for you but they were very helpful to me.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Hugs and kisses, my friend. The virtual aren't nearly as fun as the real, but it's the best I can do right now.