Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Sweet Baby James

I was 23 years old when I had my second precious baby, a beautiful and sensitive little boy. We named him James Dennis for my beloved Grandfather, James, for his dad, Dennis, and naturally, because we were 23, for James Taylor's Sweet Baby James.

I was so happy! I now had two adorable bundles of perpetual motion, both so delightful and loving that sometimes it took my breath away.

My sweet baby James had a birthday last week. Because I couldn't get it just the way I wanted it, the little video I was making for him took me over ten days!! YIKES! So it is late and I am so sorry Jamie, because I believe it matters for these things to be on time. (We called James Jamie for short until one day he came home from kindergarten and firmly declared Jamie was a girl's name and he would be called James henceforth. And so has he been. :) )

At any rate, here is a tiny glimpse of the joy and fun you have brought to my life over these past 31 years. Thank you, thank you for being you.


JD at I Do Things said...

How beautiful! Very nicely done,and I love the song. Hauntingly pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Webster said...

My nephew is also named James. We called him Jimmy when he was preschool; one day he came home from Kindergarten and announced that since there were three Jims in his class he now wanted to be called James "because that's my name." So his class then had a Jimmy, a Jim and a James. Problem solved.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Technologically challenged, I missed the sound. But I did see the ultrasound and his adorable school picture. He's gorgeous.

Jane Turley said...

Ah, what a sentimental old sausage you are Marie - the only time my kids took my breath away was when I looked at the contents of their nappies:))

10 days to produce that - is sheer genius! I've no idea how to do that stuff whatsoever! Well done!

And congrats to young James, may he always be at your side:) (But not in that weird way like in those freaky mother/son relationships - you know what I mean!)

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

He is such a beautiful little boy! It amazes me how fast they grow. It's too fast.

beth5393 said...

I can't wait for all your other childrens birthdays..

now that you've got this figured out, I can enjoy them growing up too.

Marie said...

JD: Thank you! And it wasn't until today that I found a whole collection of pics I had intended to use for this that are even cuter! Maybe next year.

Webster: That is too cute. They do have their way of working these things out. Although even after all these years I'd love to get my hands on the person who was mean enough to tell him that!!

Lawyer Mom: I think there are probably two schools on the song, love or hate. It is VERY sentimental, by Amy Robbins-Wilson.

He is gorgeous. The spitting image of his dad. :)

Jane: Jane, Jane, Jane. Sigh. And here I thought, oh Jane will take one look at this and rue the day she complained about her boys' hols.

lol Thanks for keeping me grounded.

Tania: He was the sweetest little guy. And he has grown up to be an amazing father.

Beth: You are so sweet! I am already getting the next ones ready. lol