Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wonderful, Wonderful

I know I am wont to be a teensy should I put it? Ok, hyperbolic. I have taken inventory and honestly admitted on my MS message board that my current hobby is...histrionics.


Hey, it's a very entertaining hobby. True, it can be tiresome, I mean tiring, but it has lots of lovely rewards like attention and, occasionally, laughs. There is almost nothing I won't do for a laugh, sad to say.

So today I went to see Dr. Wonderful for a follow-up visit.


I am so used to being in unrelenting pain, that I had run out of ways to even describe it. Except to say that I am terrified I will have this for the rest of my life. I was able to say that to him today, hoping I wouldn't cry. Yes, gentle readers, I did one of these:


But he looked at my range of motion and read the report from Chris, Physical Therapist Extraordinaire and he was...encouraging!!! He totally got it about the pain and renewed without hesitation the medication that keeps me from chewing my arm off. He encouraged me not to give up and to keep up with the good PT work.



I just have one more question...Doctor, will I ever play the violin again?


I had to add this after the fact because Johnny Mathis is, well, wonderful, and the video is so wonderfully awful it made me laugh.

And of course, I never was able to play the violin, so that was funny. Right? Ummm...right?



The Mother said...

You have every right to pitch a fit now and then. I figure, after putting up with everything we have to this point in our lives, WHY THE H. NOT?

(Hubby doesn't like it. He's always trying to get me to calm down when the jugulars get distended. I think he's afraid I'll stroke out)

Marie said...

Hubby's hate that, don't they? I think it is because they know the power that our shit fits hold. lol

And, Mother? That stroke? Hey, we worked hard to have a stroke and we are fully entitled! lol

Thanks for coming by. :) It is always good to see you and especially to hear from you.

Pricilla said...

Marie have you considered a fentanyl patch? It took my doctors quite a while to talk me into it but it truly turned my life around pain wise. I still have pain but it is sooooooo much more manageable. I have been on my patch for 10 years now. Witht the patch and my topamax I can live my life OUT of bed instead of in bed.

Marie said...

Hi Pricilla!! I still think about you every time I wash my hands! :)

That is not a bad idea about the fentanyl patch. I will bring it up next time I see him. I am so glad it made a difference for you. ((hug)) Thanks for the suggestion. :)