Sunday, October 5, 2008



Changed the template. I do that every few months because I just get so bored with one thing. Which is weird, because I never do that in real life. I never rearrange the furniture. I practically need to be sedated before I will think of changing curtains or a bedspread. But there you have it, I needed a change. I am trying to find the one that feels the most right.


What did they used to say women did to cheer themselves up? Had their hair done and bought a new hat?

Well, I got my hair cut.

Before hair:

After hair:

And I made a hat:

And the beginnings of a sort of matching scarf:

Had dinner with three dear friends last night.

Bella and I went to the St. Francis service at church today to be blessed along with dozens of other people, dogs, cats, birds and a horse. Although the horse stayed outside.

Bella was knackered afterwards. Doesn’t she look it?

Our church is an incredible community. Check out our website:

About the Apple

The little notes about donations in Dennis’ name were on apples because that was part of the Fall theme.

Ryan and Claire

They will be home soon!!! It will be so good to see them!!


Anonymous said...

I love your hair! Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the smile.

Marie said...

I'm glad you like my hair Tricia. That is pretty much exactly what it looks like. lol In case you didn't realize it, those drawings were done from life. lol

Janna said...

Love the curly hair.
Is it naturally curly, or a perm?

I just got my cosmetology license last week, so now I'm legally allowed to do whatever I want to the hair of unsuspecting innocent people.

Er, I mean, I'm allowed to serve the public.

Marie said...

Hi Janna. That would be curls au naturale, which was the bane of my existence when I was a teenager in the 60's and 70's and straight hair was the style.

I finally gave in and accepted it when I realized how much money some people spent to have what I was trying to get rid of. lol

Good luck with your new career!

Da Old Man said...

Mrs. got a facial. That cheered her up.

Jane Turley said...

I've changed my template, my blog title, the colour scheme three times....

Hell, it's just plain fun messing with those buttons. And do you know what? If it wasn't so much work I'd probably change my room colours. But that's just way, way too much work...

I think I might change mine again... maybe the script anyway. Times New Roman is looking kinda small...what d'you think?

(Ps I'm up in the night with indigestion; sure sign I'm over forty.)

DK said...

How did I miss this post?

Bella looks so comfy. And adorable. I love that your church does a St. Francis service.

Dude. The new template threw me a little. I rearrange my desk on a near-constant basis, rearrange my furniture at least biannually in a fit of unrest, and have been known to abruptly dye my hair various colors, but my blog template? Never. It feels too much like "home".

Marie said...

Jane, I'm sorry you are having tummy trouble! I like your blog the way it is, but as you point out, we're over forty (some of us more over than others). Bigger print might be better. :)

Kate, that is so funny that we are like mirror opposites in this. I would never budge a stick of furniture, but I am always thinking about what would look best here.

The St. Francis service at our church is so popular even Jewish pets are brought to be blessed. :)

Last year Corrie, my corgi, was still alive and there is a picture on the website of her and Bella outside the church. :(