Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It’s Too Darn Hot, Part II

I received so many lovely compliments on my work. Thank you everyone!! I have to admit even though it is brutal being unemployed, I am grateful that I have the time to do so many creative things. It is such fun and so rewarding. And I never fail to think of my two dear aunts who taught me, at different times, how to sew and how to quilt. My Aunt Dottie was a brilliant seamstress who sewed all the costumes for my cousin’s recitals for years. She taught me how to sew when I was little. She was endlessly patient but had high standards. If I am hurrying I can still hear her voice say “Now that is just a basting stitch. You can do better than that!” She was so, so good to me when I was growing up. What a wonderful woman she was and still is at over 90.

My Aunt Joan taught me how to make drapes and how to quilt. I told her recently I was so grateful for that and she said the most beautiful thing. She told me she taught me the basics but I took it to an artisan level. Compliments are not common in my family (we believe in mind reading, lol) so this was a real gift.

Soundtrack for the Heatwave and Some Broadway Moments

I found this great clip of the Too Darn Hot number from Kiss Me Kate. It is long but worth it for the great Cole Porter lyrics and the amazing dancing:

I took my Elizabeth to see this for her eleventh birthday and we had such a good time. We waited afterwards at the stage door, always fun to do with kids, a teensy bit weird when you are a grown up. So it is always good to go with kids. :) We chatted with Michael Mulheren, whose sister was in my class at Red Bank Catholic, while he was three years behind us. I mentioned RBC and he beamed and was just so enthusiastic and charming. Here he is (the bigger guy on the right) in Brush Up Your Shakespeare:

And last to come out was Brian Stokes Mitchell, looking every inch a Broadway luminary, with an entourage, his coat over his shoulders and, I swear, a white silk scarf. “Ah, you patient people!!” he gushed, as though there was a crowd, although it was just Elizabeth and I. He was gracious and sweet and made a big fuss over her.

This is a really crappy clip (the only one I could find), from the Rosie O’Donnell show, that only gives a hint of his general hunkiness:

He was hilarious in Frasier too, but I couldn’t find any clips of that at all.

It is a little cooler today, but I can’t wait until November!!

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brokenteepee said...

Aaaah, I saw that show and it was delightful. Brian Stokes Mitchell is Broadway heaven.

Marie said...

Our paths could have crossed! To think!!

Brian Stokes Mitchell. Oh yeah baby. lol But he was a walking cliche from Central Casting, although very kind and sweet to Elizabeth. It was fun.

Did you see him at all in Frasier? I think it was the last season and he played Frasier's persnickety upstairs neighbor, so they are always battling. Too funny. Gosh I miss that show. No wonder I don't watch television anymore.

Unknown said...

You are certainly a living testimonial to "making the most of a ..." Kudos! Sewing caught my attention as it is such a lost art though one that has figured into our story. A friend of Patti's Mom (she may as well be an Aunt) sews dinning aprons for Patti. With MS progession, wheelchair, and especially challenges to eating - well it can get messy. Bibs may be functional but they can look out of place on an adult. Anyway Jean began making aprons out of colorful and/or seasonal patterns which instead of looking out of place are downright stylish and leave Patti and her wheelchair unmessy. No such thing is available - but because of the lost art of sewing the have made life more livable.

Caregivingly Yours, Patric

Marie said...

Patrick: It is always so good to see you and get your input!

What a great idea from Patti's auntie!

My mother, who does not have any kind of neurological impairment, always complained of dropping everything she ate on her clothes. I never had that problem. Until I spent ten days with her on a trip to visit our family in Ireland. I sear, it was contagious!! And this was before I got sick. So needing discreet dining accoutrements is not exclusive to MS! lol

But thank you, you have inspired me. I am going through my fabric stash and patterns to see if I can come up with something along these lines.

Best to you and Patti too! :)

Katherine said...

You know, I didn't finish college up so I went back as an adult. They required we take a course for a few weeks on something we have never done before... things like quilting. It was a few Saturdays in a row. I was pregnant, didn't have a lot of time and wished I never had to do it. And then I went and guess what. I LOVED IT. We made a quilt for the Ronald Mcdonald house, and then I went out and bought material to make my OWN quilt. I did one for each baby after. I haven't done one since, but I loved the experience!

Marie said...

Katherine, that is an inspiring story! Congratulations on finishing school as a mother. That is so hard!

Congratulations also on learning how to quilt. That is a skill like learning how to ride a bicycle, it will always be with you. I didn't sew for years while I was working full time. I am thrilled I can be so self indulgent now.

Now you can make quilts for your grandbabies as they come along. :)