Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Project

I had to stop at Joann Fabrics this afternoon (isn't it hard to believe that there is basically only one fabric chain in our area?!?). They didn't have what I needed, but there was some fabric there that was just begging to become a baby quilt.

So I figured, better fabric than a kitten, and home it came.

The five fabrics are a soft, squishy white, three cottons with a good night, wish upon a star theme and a soft yellow striped flannel that I will use for the backing as well as patches. I will trim it with a white ruffle. I've blocked out a Trip Around the World Pattern on paper and the fabric is in the washer for it's first bath.

Can't wait to see how it turns out! I'll keep you updated as I put it together. Unless it looks like crap, then we will just pretend the whole subject never even came up. lol

One bad thing about being out of work: having very little money.

One good thing about being out of work: having time to do the things I love, like quilting.

Thank you, Aunt Joan, for teaching me how to quilt all those years ago. I still hear your voice every time I fit together a corner. :) I treasure those memories.

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The Mother said...

Fabric follows me home, too. But not for quilting. I don't have the patience for it.

Marie said...

I love fabric. It is so full of possibilities.

I need to do things like quilting because they slow me down. I am too wired.

And of course I am sitting here on my bed, happily cutting squares when my daughter calls me on her way home from work. And while she is cheerfully telling me about her new kitten, I actually hear her get hit from behind!

So long relaxation! I'm in NJ and she's in Texas. She's on her way to the hospital because she hit her head and I have to sit here and wait. :(