Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Reminder

This is a hard time for me right now. Lots of expensive work going on in the house. Some distressing family issues. Of course, the worry, actually the mind numbing, hyperventilating panic, of being out of work. And I am so weary of being in pain all the time.

But a friend sent me a video that was a good reminder of the importance of prayer, especially for those who have caused me grief. My church’s mission statement is essentially “God’s Unconditional Love Practiced Here”. We are obligated to pray for those who have hurt us.

I have a long list currently:

  • The simpletons who laid me off.
  • Family members who inexplicably and hurtfully don’t speak to me.
  • The plumbers who destroyed my basement and then called me names.
  • The pain doctor who blew me off.
  • The guy whose careless driving wrecked my car this summer.
  • People who leave ignorant, hate filled comments after online news articles.
  • People in general who irk the piss out of me.

This is for them:

(e-mail readers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rn041uWncU)

Well I never said I was a saint. The mission statement says ‘practice’.

I need a lot of practice.



Dream Interpretation said...

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The Mother said...

Yep, I think you need a little more practice. Keep it up, though--with more work, maybe you CAN get a flowerpot to fall on their heads.

Pricilla said...

Don't we all.
Goat hugs

Jane Turley said...

This forgiveness thing is darn hard. I say concentrate on the sobbing and over indulgence in chocolates...so much easier:)

bitemyelbow said...

Marie, I am sorry you are not doing well. I hope you can find a peaceful spot for your mind and heart to land. Sometimes we just have to deal with the negative emotions as hard as that is when we are overwhelmed. I have found if I put those feelings off they fester and eventually come back to bite me in the butt!