Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

A nice relaxing weekend after a super stressful work week.

My friend Joe’s surgery was postponed, hard on him and his family on one hand, but a good opportunity for him to gain some strength over these three days.

The Behemoth and I are getting along.

My parent's celebrated their 56 wedding anniversary on Saturday. They were married on September 5, 1953 at St. Elizabeth's Church in Washington Heights, Manhattan. I came along the following September :).

Our local paper on line has a web site for moms. They had two ‘Caption This’ contests this weekend. I LOVE Caption This contests. How often are you actually encouraged to be a total wise ass. Although none of those other sweet moms even approached my level of wise-assness.

My suggested captions :

"When Mary's mother saw The Face for the 50th time that day, it helpfully reminded her she had to stop at the liquor store on the way home."


"You're just making it up that you're not really my mother!!!"


"You ARE NOT putting me up for adoption!"

The other picture is dead scary:

There's only one possible caption for this picture!

"It was at that moment that little Stephen King first conceived a rudimentary plot for "It" in his head. Along with sundry other murderous thoughts."

I went to our last beach Mass of the season last night. Such a delight. I am so grateful to live at the ocean. And I saw several friends that I have really missed.

I made banana strawberry scones for breakfast this morning and wished I could have shared them with so many of you.

I have so many fantastic, loving, funny and smart blogging friends I wish I could enjoy a cup of tea with in person!

This will be another overdrive work week. I have to reschedule an appointment with Dr. Wonderful because I just can’t take the time. I am not sure what to even ask him anymore. My right arm is essentially useless. The pain is constant. PT makes the pain worse and when the pain gets worse the MS gets worse. It is hard to believe this is the best it will ever get. But if it is, I want to know it and move on.

I have my monthly Tysabri infusion this week too. Can’t reschedule that.

Finally, here is my sweet, constant companion, Isabella.

Happy Labor Day, everyone!



Pricilla said...

Thanks for the update on Joe. I keep checking the blog for news...

I am sorry your doctors suck.

beth5393 said...

I'll send you my recipe for scones if you send me yours...

I've never had strawberry banana scones.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

For the little girl, how about "Okay . . . who drank the last beer?" -- that would have goosed the moms pretty well.

Feel better, and happy (late) Labor day to you, too.

Marie said...

Pricilla, he just AMAZES me. Talk about the Energizer Bunny. That is some life force he possesses.

Beth I will definitely send it but I have to admit, the banana strawberry ones weren't so great. They were too dry. I used a recipe from the internet. I'll will send my standard recipe, which I love. :)

LM, that's a good one too. lol I want to be active on that site but some of those mother's are so freaking insipid I lose patience. I should stick with Blogher. So many really smart women.