Friday, October 19, 2012

A Bump in the Road

I’ve been pretty sick for the past few weeks with lymphedema and cellulitis in my legs.  The pain is consuming and I haven’t been up to doing much, but to distract myself I have been watching old comedy shows, including Frasier, which I think is the wittiest, funniest show ever.  It never fails to make me laugh.

Here is one person’s compilation of her favorites:


I could probably post another hundred and still keep going.  It is just endlessly funny.

Ironically and unexpectedly, one episode made me cry instead.    Frasier is telling Roz how wonderful it is to be a parent.  He says:

“You don’t just love your children, you fall in love with them.  It’s that same rush, that same overwhelming desire to see them, to hold them, to bore other people to tears with every detail about them…”

That really hit a nerve.  That is the way I feel about being a mother to my children.  I don’t see them nearly as much as I’d like to and that makes me sad.  I miss them so much.   But I think of them all the time.  It is hard not to.  Not only are they in my heart and my memories, but their pictures are everywhere and I even have my son Ryan’s cat, who is curled up next to me on my pillows as I type this.

Miss Perri
So watching these old shows has been a little like life itself – lots of laughing and some crying too.

Fingers crossed the specialist appointment I have next week can help my legs and relieve this pain.


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Patty Woodland said...

I do hope that they can do something for you. Pain just sucks very thing right out of you but laughter can help considerbly

Jane Turley said...

Dear Marie, I do hope you feel better soon - I had cellulitis earlier this year so I can sympathize- although obviously it was nowhere near as bad as yours. I got badly bitten by an insect and both lower legs swelled up. (That'll teach me to wear a tennis skirt and not my usual bullet proof tracksuit bottoms and thermal layers:))

Frasier is just great! I think that is just the right therapy. And Miss Perri is gorgeous - just like my two cats, Mr Spectre and Mr Bond. Mr Bond is gorgeous too - Mr Spectre looks gorgeous but he has a psychotic personality disorder. His nickname is "The Evil One":)))

I hope the appointment goes well:)x

Marie said...

Patty - thanks, I have not had luck till this point, I am hoping against hope they have some answers for me. Pain does just take over your existence and impacts everything you do, or, actually everything you can't do anymore. I am lucky to have many people pulling for me. :)

Jane - you have been so much on my mind!! I hope all is well. I am SO sorry to hear you had cellulitis too!! We are such soul mates! lol

Like Mr. Spectre, Miss Perri also looks so pretty and is ever so soft and silky. But we call her the Spawn of Satan. lol Looks are very deceiving!

Webster said...

Marie, I am so sorry for the pain you are enduring. I hope the doctor can offer some relief, other than time. I have not heard much of lymphedema and/or cellulitis and am off to find out more.

Humor is great medicine in the meanwhile.

Best to you.

Muffie said...

Marie, thanks for the bit of humor -- I always enjoyed Frazier!
I didn't know that lymphedema could cause pain -- mine is just uncomfortable. My mother had cellulitis on her eye after she recovered from shingles. Her dementia seemed to keep her from being in pain. Sending thoughts and prayers your way for some relief.

Marie said...

Webster - hi! Thank you so much for your kind words. It is good to learn about lymphedema. All I knew about it was from nursing school and was strictly related to cancer patients losing their lymph nodes. I had no idea it could also be caused by immobility. Neither of my doctors diagnosed it, I did myself from an MS Society position paper. It is so frustrating to have to do so much research when I am already feeling so awful.

Muff - How funny are those clips?!? I am really enjoying the old episodes and it is really helping keep my mind occupied. The pain is just awful, mostly from the pressure caused by the swelling. It is also very, very upsetting to see the damage it has caused. Hopefully it is reversible. Thanks for keeping in touch and for your good thoughts.